The Various Tools and Processes that Community Foundations Use to Improve Practice

Who administers the guidelines and standards?

The Community Foundation Board administers the standards. In most cases, there are also Board committees responsible for the various areas of operation such as Donors, Investment, Grantmaking etc.

The Board develops a governance manual which defines how the foundation is to operate. These manuals are shared with new foundations as they develop their own operations.

On compliance

  • Compliance of the community foundations and adherence to the relevant rules of operation is actively promoted. Review of compliance is up to each Community Foundation Board.
  • There is no external documentation of compliance apart from the external financial audit.
  • Ramifications on non-compliance with standards: loss of status with Australian Tax office, loss of business
  • Technical assistance is available from Philanthropy Australia, Freehills and also Catherine Brown and Associates.

At a Glance:

The Various Tools and Processes that Community Foundations Use to Improve the Practice

Australia Areas/Aspects of Operations
Structure (who administers standards/ guidelines) Mission, Structure, Governance Resource Development Stewardship and Accountability Grantmaking and Community Leadership Donor Relations Communications

Philanthropy Australia - Community Foundation Board and its Committees (Donors, Grantmaking, Investments)

Government bodies: Corporate Affairs and Trust Deeds Australian Tax Office

Manual for setting up community foundations

- Feasibility study

- Registration with the Corporate Affairs and Trust Deeds

Governance manual

Standards for the CF Board and Committees

Various ‘quality control’ measures

Other processes detailed in the manuals

National standards:

Legal set of benchmarks including standards set by Australian Tax Office

Review of Compliance

Annual General Meeting

Community Foundation Forum

Annual Community Foundation Forum, various forums

Listserve system for encouraging collective learning

Various ‘quality control measures’

Annual Community Foundation Forum

Forums by the Board Committee on Donors

Annual Report with Audited Statements

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