The Various Tools and Processes that Community Foundations Use to Improve Practice

The terms for termination from A.K.N. membership are also clarified in case of resignation or liquidation of the community foundation.

Community Foundation Minimum

A community foundation:

  1. Operates in a specific geographical area, its activities targeting a community. Community shall hereinafter refer to the group of people who in some way take part in the life within the given area and/or who have or had some link or relationship thereto. Community is opened to those who wish to engage therein.
  2. Identifies problems and assets in the community, actively engaging all potential stakeholders into the life of and into various processes in the community.
  3. Engages in creating visions and shared goals of the community, developing required tools and assisting in making it possible to resolve the issues identified.
  4. Represents a source of funding for activities and stakeholders of community life, raising and accumulating funds from diverse sources. Raised funds are employed in directly supporting the community as well as in building the endowment to meet future challenges of the community.
  5. Is represented by an impartial and diverse board of trustees.

In Nové Mesto na Morave as of May 15, 2006

Relationship with the Czech Donors Forum

All community foundations are also members of the Czech Donors Forum (CDF). The activities of the two associations are complementary such that while CDF sources specific information and expertise it needs from A.K.N., the latter participates in programs on legislation, advocacy and training for donor organized by CDF.