The Various Tools and Processes that Community Foundations Use to Improve Practice

Specific Processes and Tools are serving a number of purposes for community foundations in Czech Republic.

Purpose served: Elaboration

1. Competition

Compliance with the Membership Criteria of the Forum setting a quantified level of giving at $8,000 a year to 5 different entities.

2. Accountability, transparency, self-improvement

Yes through the Code of Ethics and Membership Criteria.

Yes through the Community Foundation Minimum of A.K.N.

3. Roadmap for ethical, legal, effective practices

The Code of Ethics and the Community Foundation Minimum promote ethical behaviour and encourage compliance to legal requirements.

4. Distinguish characteristics of CF from other NGOs.

Yes the Community Foundation Minimum identifies the characteristics.

5. Unify national community foundation field

The national conferences and other networking activities with Slovak CFs as organized by A.K.N. are supportive of developing the field.

Who administers the guidelines and standards?

The Board of A.K.N. checks on compliance with the requirements. In case of non-compliance, the association terminates the membership but offers another form of membership, the ‘supporting membership.’

Technical assistance

The support organization is “quite important in the Czech Republic”, explained Iwona Olkowicz of the V4 Program. They have their own status in the association as providers of expert or technical assistance to community foundations. A counterpart of the Czech support organization would be the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland.