The Various Tools and Processes that Community Foundations Use to Improve Practice

Training and technical assistance

The Academy further supports community foundations through the following activities:

  • Training and advisory assistance (including coalition building, fundraising, grant programs, promotion, accounting)
  • Networking: regular meeting of foundation leaders, experiences sharing, help in developing operating standards,
  • Promotion of local philanthropy, through publications, information materials, brochures of the Network, providing new contacts, cooperation with European, American and Canadian organizations.

Specific Processes and Tools are serving a number of purposes for community foundations in Poland.

Purpose served: Elaboration

1. Competition

Yes through endowment building processes and various grant competitions

2. Accountability, transparency, self-improvement

The national network promotes legal compliance and ADPP standards

3. Distinguish characteristics of CF from other NGOs.

A federation of CFs since 2008 works closely with ADPP

4. Unify national community foundation field

Standards for CFs were in the process of being formalized in 2010

5. Roadmap for ethical, legal, effective practices

Principles and standards of practice promoted by ADPP

6. Framework for organizational development

Yes, the federation of CFs participated in ADPP trainings for CFs

7. Framework for documenting, communicating and providing training and technical assistance to advance best practices

Through ADPP, there are various tools for documentation, communication and networking for best practice sharing

Who administers the guidelines or standards?

In 2010, the V4 Program Coordinator noted that as the standards were still in working phase, the accountability for its administration was not yet clear.

In principle, both the standards administration and the compliance process as described in the statute, should be the national network‘s Secretariat‘s accountability. But so far it has not worked in practice. The full or affiliated membership is awarded by the General Assembly based on the written application. Termination of membership is due upon the resignation, liquidation or non-payment of dues but this process has not been enforced.