The Various Tools and Processes that Community Foundations Use to Improve Practice

Specific Processes and Tools are serving a number of purposes for community foundations in Slovakia.

Purpose served: Elaboration

1. Competition

Membership in the Association of Community Foundation of Slovakia requires compliance with standards.

2. Accountability, transparency, self-improvement

Standards are upheld, otherwise, the member is expelled from the Association.

3. Distinguish characteristics of CF from other NGOs.

Yes, through the Association and its activities.

4. Unify national community foundation field


5. Roadmap for ethical, legal, effective practices

Legal compliance and application of CF standards; best practice sharing

6. Symbol of excellence and rigor

Yes, through the regular sharing of best practices with neighboring countries.

7. Framework for organizational development


Who administers these guidelines or standards?

The Board of the Association and its advisory groups administer the standards and monitor compliance with these and other required processes.


The Association upholds the good name earned through the years and will expel any member who is deemed to “harm the good name of the Association, does not pay the dues, breaks the rules or no longer complies with the standards.”

Slovak association also describes in their statute the terms of the membership termination, which happens when the community foundation is in liquidation or bankruptcy, in case of resignation, not complying with the standards, or not paying the membership dues. Another form of membership may be offered – affiliated membership.