Engaging Corporations - Some suggestions on how to engage corporations based on stories of network members

Definition of concepts, Framework presentation

Participants of the São Paulo PLE expressed that engagement with corporations should lead to a greater knowledge of how to incorporate CSR into business strategy—how to apply the learning to business decisions. It requires mutual understanding of what each one can do to improve the socio-economic environment to improve community well-being. Companies start to invest in the cause of Corporate Social Investment and not only in their self development. It means giving something more than money and building a commitment to work together.

"Engaging companies leads to greater knowledge of how to incorporate CSR into business strategy. Companies begin to consider Corporate Social Investment alongside their self-development.”

A focus on macro impacts makes corporations aware of social responsibility and corporate executives aware of the realities of communities. This is a step towards planning social action and making a concrete response to stakeholder expectations.

The goal of associations of grantmakers and support organisations is to see that corporations:

  1. Become members.
  2. Attend donor forums and meetings.
  3. Attend workshops and other events.
  4. Invites the association to the company.

Once a company is a member, it pays membership fees; involves those in charge of social investment in the activities of the association; invests in collaborative projects; takes responsibility for its actions, both positive and negative.