Engaging Corporations - Some suggestions on how to engage corporations based on stories of network members

Examples of CSR Frameworks

The League of Corporate Foundations (LCF) is the umbrella organisation of 70 operating and grantmaking corporate foundations and corporations in the Philippines that strive towards the strategic implementation of CSR in support of sustained national development. Its mission is "to promote CSR and to contribute to its practice by enabling effective and strategic corporate social investments among our members and the larger business community.”


The framework presents three different levels of engagement between business and society before partnership can be achieved. Beginning with exercises in philanthropy and community relations, CSR then evolves into expressions of business strategy and integration. CSR sees fuller practice in stakeholder engagement and value-chain management.

At the start of engagement, LCF emphasises key values that mark the relationship building:

  1. There must already exist an openness to working with each other—a basic acceptance that each party has something worthwhile to bring to the table.
  2. Initial meetings must be spearheaded by decision makers from both sides. It facilitates acceptance by the larger organisations if the agenda is presented and advocated by leaders they trust.
  3. The initial agenda must be beneficial to both parties; the contributions of each party must be clear and achievable.
  4. Basic trust and respect must be evident and expressed by both parties.
  5. Initial success will lead to greater engagement, and eventually to full partnership.
There are other frameworks used by WINGS members that may be useful to those in the process of developing CSR frameworks and guidelines. Noted in the above examples is that corporations have unique ideas about Corporate Social Responsibility, and therefore will offer varying levels of engagement. Each organisation will need to approach and engage corporations based on their objectives and what they know about those corporations.