Engaging Corporations - Some suggestions on how to engage corporations based on stories of network members


Creating a Brand Toolbox

Brandingvii is the visual, emotional and rational image that can be associated with an organisation or product, but is not equal to the association‘s name or logo. A brand reflects the name, logo, attributes of the association, positioning, corporate culture and behavior of the people in it, supporters‘ perception, consistent marketing image and messaging over time.

Well-known brands evoke meaning, values, connections, expectations in the market.

Objectives of an Identifiable Brand, includes:

  • Delivers the organisation’s message clearly
  • Confirms credibility
  • Connects with the audience emotionally
  • Motivates the audience to take action
  • Develops audience loyalty over time

Branding Your Organisation

  • Building the Brand

    • Name and logo: foundation of building blocks for the brand
    • Develop a tagline (slogan or catchphrase) that offers an insight into the mission of the association, e.g., "Advancing Effective and Responsible Philanthropy” of Associated Grant Makers (AGM)
  • Packaging

    • How your organisation presents itself to the public; work with designer.
    • Ensure all materials and electronic communications convey consistent look and message.
    • Create a style guide (fonts/colors/images) ensures all staff using same standards
  • AGM‘s Branding Effort


viiSource: PowerPoint presentation by Gail Pinkham (AGM), Margaret Fitzgerald & Hill Holiday in the PLE on Effectively Communicating and Branding Your Organisation held in Boston, Mass.