Engaging Corporations - Some suggestions on how to engage corporations based on stories of network members

  • Communications

    • Every communication/event is an opportunity to build brand (Letter to Editor, programs).
    • Promote your history and accomplishments: tell your story (brochure, website).
    • Engage your audience: offer multiple ways in to your organization via your brand.
    • Move to a global understanding (people often know only one segment).
  • Living the Brand

    • Every person (staff, board, donor and volunteer) affiliated with your organisation influences and shapes its reputation.
    • Ensure that all activities support your mission.
    • Prepare a crisis communication plan.
    • Conduct needs assessments of your audience to identify gaps.
    • Define your brand by living it and refining it.

Key Marketing Collaterals

  • Annual Report

    • Key communication to Donors/Public
    • States Mission and Highlights Accomplishments
    • Financials
  • Web site

    • Provide detailed organisation information and cause-related news
    • Online donations/fundraising
  • Program Brochure

    • Specific piece detailing program or service offerings to clients.
  • Cause Related Marketing

    • Raise awareness of Issue
    • Promotion of Community Action

Website Resources