Engaging Corporations - Some suggestions on how to engage corporations based on stories of network members


Writing Effective News Releases

Writing Tips

  • Make it newsworthy: Pinpoint what the need is and write from that perspective.
  • Write a headline that gets to the point: Immediately tell why the news is important. Avoid promotional sounding words e.g. "Fastest growing internet company sponsors tree planting in a thousand hectares/acres on Earth Day.”
  • Write a strong lead paragraph: 5 Ws and 1 H; use this paragraph to summarize the news. The first ten words of your release are the most important, so make them effective.
  • Formulated a brief description of the news, then announce it.
  • Give news details so the reporter or correspondent understands why it is important to read further.
  • Include a short summary of the organisation or association, including information about what distinguishes the organisation.
  • Make sure the organisation's contact information is complete and correct.

Background Papers

  • Delve deeply into the subject area.
  • Are interesting and easy to understand.
  • Have consistent and accurate messages.
  • Should not be laden with acronyms or bureaucratic language, or otherwise read like academic papers or technical documents, but instead should read like a story.
  • Assist the reporter soas to gain better media coverage.