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April 2013 eNewsletter

WINGSForum 2014

Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV) will co-host WINGSForum 2014, to be held at the world-class Point Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, from 27-29 March 2014.

WINGSForum is a valuable opportunity for professional development, relationship building and knowledge sharing.

WINGS Data Network
Member Questionnaire Report and Infographic

WINGS compared questionnaires sent by organisations in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. As a result we were able to build a template that accounts for both similarities and gaps, providing a set of model questions to help standardise the way our members collect data on foundations. View the report and infographic.

Knowledge Center

2012 AGN Assembly Report

The African Grantmakers Network (AGN) convened its 2012 biennial assembly in Johannesburg, South Africa, between 30th October and 1st November. This report presents key conversations that took place at the assembly, as well as some of the milestones in the growth of AGN that occurred during the event.

Download Growing African Philanthropy: What's New? What's Now? What's Next? from the Knowledge Center today.

Amelia Fauzia's Faith and the State offers a comprehensive historical development of Islamic philanthropy—zakat (almsgiving), sedekah (donation) and waqf (religious endowment)—from the time of the Islamic monarchs, through the period of Dutch colonialism and up to contemporary Indonesia. It shows a rivalry between faith and the state: between efforts to involve the state in managing philanthropic activities and efforts to keep them under control of Muslim civil society.

TechSoup gives qualified nonprofits and libraries access to donated and discounted products and services, including high-quality refurbished hardware and software from partners like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Intuit and Symantec.

CAFAmerica now offers free equivalency determination (ED) services, where ED is appropriate, to all its clients with a CAFAmerica Donor Advised Fund or who give a Donor Advised Gift. Available for a limited time through, a project of CAFAmerica designed to streamline international and enhance domestic grantmaking (see "No Fee Equivalency Determination" on the NGOAmerica news page).

WINGS members receive a free one-year subscription to Philanthropy In/Sight®, the Foundation Center's interactive mapping tool.

Alliance magazine features interviews with leaders in the field and articles on topical issues by key thinkers from around the world. WINGS members get a 20% discount on new subscriptions.

Philanthropy In Quote

"There is no such thing as humanitarian relief distinct from development. We may not know exactly how our resilience will be tested, but we know very well that those tests will come—and that they will come at the seams where our economies and communities and technologies intersect. The resilience difference is about leading transformative change by creating strong bonds across similar groups; bridges among diverse groups; and links between different levels of action, and actors.”

Judith Rodin, The Rockefeller Foundation

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2013 Membership Update

A word to our members: thank you for your participation and support. Because of the support of dues-paying members like you, WINGS is able to promote leadership on the development of philanthropy and social investment around the world with valuable reporting, an informative webinar series and WINGSForum, our international flagship event that continues in 2014.

Last year 50 network participants (30% of our network) became full members—this year we're raising the goal to 75 dues-paying members and we've extended the deadline to 15 May 2013, so please renew your membership today.

We're happy to welcome these organisations who recently joined the WINGS global network as full members: The SROI Network, Comunalia, and the more than 20 members who renewed their membership in 2013!

Venture Philanthropy—thinking, learning, leading

This edition of WINGS Dispatch looks at venture philanthropy, a model for grantmaking that adopts principles and methods from the corporate sector to enhance effectiveness for nonprofits. Social Venture Partners (SVP) Executive Director Ruth Jones shares her perspective, and our Knowledge Management Coordinator Ana Pinho looks at private social investment in Brazil. We also look at developments in data, continuing our global consultation for a Philanthropy Data Charter and recapping the CoF Annual Conference. Leadership also takes center stage with an Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize winner announcement and new talking points for the upcoming UNDP Special Policy Dialogue in New York.

Ruth Jones: Venture Philanthropy, learning community

The European Venture Philanthropy (VP) and Social Investment (SI) sector is evolving. A recent report published by the EVPA provides statistics and raises awareness so as to attract further resources for the sector. In a recent WINGS interview Ruth Jones, Executive Director of Social Venture Partners (SVP) and WINGS board member, says "Good philanthropy doesn't exist in a vacuum," adding that venture philanthropy creates a community of thinkers, practitioners and leaders who can effectively "adapt and adopt" good ideas. "Some people would say it's curating a community, I would say it's bringing together the people who have a stake in this." more »

UN policy dialogue: new background, discussion questions

The UNDP's DCF Special Policy Dialogue on the role of private philanthropic organisations in international development cooperation will focus on experiences, innovative practices, and multi-stakeholder partnerships in the sector. The event is co-organised by The UN Economic and Social Council, UNDP, UNDESA, the OECD Global Network of Foundations Working for Development (netFWD) and WINGS, and will support implementation of a post-2015 global development agenda. A preliminary e-discussion allowed a broad range of stakeholders to contribute inputs, and a new background note on the event presents key objectives, including discussion questions for each. more »

Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize winners announced

The first winners of the Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize, Jane Weru and Kingsley Mucheke of the Akiba Mashinani Trust, Kenya, were announced this week. In choosing Weru and Mucheke, the judges felt strongly that "they represented best the full range of the award’s purposes." In the words of the award criteria, they "demonstrated remarkable leadership, creativity and results in developing philanthropy for progressive social change in an emerging market country or countries." The judges were all impressed by the explicit focus of Jane and Kingsley on the most marginalized community in Kenya—landless slum dwellers—and by the way they have developed a philanthropic mechanism to support transformational efforts by that community. The prize will be presented in July at the International Forum on Emerging Markets, Emerging Philanthropies in Peterhof, Russia. more »

Data Charter webinar continues global consultation

WINGS hosted a webinar in April to continue the consultation process for a Global Philanthropy Data Charter. The aim was to update those who could not attend the Rio meeting but showed interest in taking part in the consultation. The webinar not only provided a way to catch up with discussions, but also gave everyone, including Rio meeting participants, a chance to give further input. more »

Refections from the CoF Annual Conference

The Council on Foundations 2013 Annual Conference addressed philanthropy, technology and data, and included a full day of preconference sessions dedicated to global philanthropy—what the Council calls "A Global Engagement." Speakers included Lucy Bernholz of Stanford University’s Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, who explained the transition between "analog-based” (where the rules about money govern society) and "digital-based” (where the rules are centered on data); and GuideStar President and CEO Jacob Harold talked about the value of data’s capacity to improve decision-making, adding how at present most people are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information. Conversations throughout the day gave encouraging evidence of progress and increased interest in the field. more »

Funding advocacy in Brazil

A seminar took place in São Paulo from 4th to 5th April to present research findings on how advocacy activities of civil society organisations in Brazil are funded. The study by Fundação Getúlio Vargas, a leading university and research center, in partnership with Articulação D3, was divided into 4 thematic areas: public/government funding, international development cooperation, new funding formats, and private social investment (as philanthropy is commonly referred to in Brazil), and determined that 17 million individual donors in the country collectively donate 5.2 billion reals a year (approximately 2.6 billion dollars). Regarding private social investment, the study revealed that foundations tend to focus on education while lacking clarity on advocacy, human rights, democracy, and civil society issues. more »

23 April, Development Cooperation Forum | WINGS has partnered with UNDP, UNDESA and netFWD (OECD Global Network of Foundations Working for Development) to host a special policy dialogue on the role of private philanthropic organisations in international development cooperation. #phil2015

23 April and 21 May, GEO Webinar Series | GEO's Pathways to Grow Impact series explores the role grantmakers can play in supporting high-performing nonprofits to increase their impact and create more value for their communities. Hosted by GEO's Scaling What Works Initiative.

9 May, AVPN Annual Conference 2013 | Up to 300 delegates from the Asia Pacific and other regions active in Asia including AVPN members and active supporters will participate in "Creating Social Impact: blending philanthropic and investment capital", the first and largest gathering of venture philanthropists and social investors in the region.

20-24 May, CAF Foundation School 2013 | Join the Charities Aid Foundation in Oxford, UK, to learn from global philanthropy experts and practitioners on how to run successful philanthropic initiatives, and share your own experiences with peers from around the world.

30 May-1 June, EFC Annual Conference | Join the EFC and 500 foundations and partners as they convene in Copenhagen for "Sustainable Cities: Foundations and our urban future". Closing speech by George Soros, Open Society Foundations Founder and Chairman. #AGA24

4-6 June, Third Annual Takaful Conference on Arab Philanthropy and Civic Engagement | Takaful 2013, Held in Tunis, Tunisia, will provide a unique opportunity to engage in a debate on the important transformations in civic engagement and philanthropic practices in the Arab region.

6-8 June, CFC 2013 Conference: Inspiring Smart and Caring Communities | Share, learn, and network in Winnipeg, Canada, with more than 600 community leaders and practitioners in community philanthropy who are engaged in community building activities.

1-2 July, International Forum Russia 2013 | Join CAF Russia, the GFCF and others in St. Petersburg for "Emerging Societies - Emerging Philanthropies", where leading philanthropists from Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and the South East Asian, African and Arab regions come together for mutual learning and debate among philanthropists and foundation practitioners. The forum will also host the first award ceremony for the Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize.

20-23 August, IWRM Asia 2013 | The IWRM Asia 2013 in Jaipur (Rajasthan) India, offers five exciting masterclass tracks on strategy and governance, fundraising essentials, fundraising techniques, communications and advocacy, and financial management.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in partnership with Liquidnet for Good, is looking for groundbreaking ideas to address data interoperability issues. Each challenge winner will receive a grant of $100,000 and applications will be accepted through 7 May. more »

The WPI Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship is awarded to scholars whose primary research focus is women’s philanthropy or gender differences in philanthropic behavior and giving. Offered by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at the Indiana University School of Philanthropy. Application deadline is 30 April. more »

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