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April 2014 eNewsletter

“WINGSForum is a perfect setting to build stronger relationships among global networks.” Vikki Spruill, COF

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Our new report, Infrastructure in Focus: A Global Picture of Organizations Serving Philanthropy, identifies four elements that help to build and share common values: data, best practices, measuring impact, and communication.

How can support organizations better serve community foundations?

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A new Indiana University faculty appointment gifted by the C.S. Mott Foundation could be the nation’s first chair specifically focused on community foundations.

Now you can view a condensed version of CAF's 2013 report in this infographic.

OECD netFWD invites you to take this survey on the Guidelines for Effective Philanthropic Engagement. You can also help shape the post-2015 agenda by choosing your priorities on

Due to popular demand, the Future Leaders Programme has improved its curriculum. Download the new prospectus.

You are invited to comment on proposed changes to the Philanthropy Classification System by 23 May.

Philanthropy In/Sight®
WINGS members receive a free one-year subscription to the Foundation Center's interactive mapping tool.

Now Available! Read Barry Knight and Jenny Hodgson, 'Bringing grantmaking in from the cold.'

Alliance magazine features interviews with leaders in the field and articles on topical issues by key thinkers from around the world. WINGS members get a 20% discount on new subscriptions.

Philanthropy In Quote

"Community foundations in Russia are not just a copy of their western counterparts. The next stage is dissemination and replication of the best practices in Russia." Larisa Avrorina, CAF Russia

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Thanks for making WINGSForum 2014 our most exciting event yet! We’d like to thank our event sponsors, as well as the participants and speakers who helped make the conference a collective success. Visit the WINGSForum website for plenary presentations, concurrent session materials, and event photos. Check often for updates in the coming weeks, including a full conference report outlining demographics, attendance results, analysis and more!

A global movement for community philanthropy
In this issue of Dispatch we share a number of exciting community philanthropy initiatives, including the world’s first comprehensive Community Foundation Atlas, and the recently-established collaborative aimed at advancing the practice of community philanthropy worldwide. Resources include our 2014 Infrastructure in Focus report and a new report on BRIC countries; and our feature interview with the Foundation Center looks at how we can all help create a global philanthropy taxonomy that works.

Interview: the Foundation Center's Jeff Falkenstein says philanthropy taxonomy needs your help
The Foundation Center is inviting the sector to give feedback on proposed changes to its Philanthropy Classification System by 23rd May. In our latest interview Jeff Falkenstein, the Center’s Vice President for Data Architecture, explains why an extensive taxonomy is good for the sector, and how developing global partnerships is key. "We have a lot to learn from our global partners, who each bring a valuable perspective that will help improve communication, collaboration, and knowledge generation about global philanthropy."

Join the world’s first comprehensive Community Foundation Atlas
The Community Foundation Atlas will provide an unprecedented opportunity for community philanthropy organiza­tions worldwide to increase their visibility to a much wider audience. Be part of it! Take the 7-minute survey.

Introducing the Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy
GFCF executive director and WINGS board member Jenny Hodgson unveils the recently-established collaborative aimed at advancing the practice of community philanthropy worldwide. "There is certainly a need for some radical new thinking about what the future architecture for civil society funding might look like."

Exploring the role of philanthropy in difficult times
Avila Kilmurray, director of the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland, discusses the ongoing role of philanthropy. "Community philanthropy can be the antennae of the philanthropic world; and in terms of outcomes, it can be the source of social capital that can bridge the global and the local contexts, in addition to promoting solidarity within the local itself."

Paula Jansco Fabiani on building connected global philanthropy
The executive director of IDIS – Institute for the Development of Social Investment – recaps WINGSForum 2014, describing it as "a great event to connect and reconnect people, and to bring together information that is relevant to maximize the effectiveness of grantmaking."

He Daofeng, Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize winner
The chair of the China Foundation Center talks to Alliance magazine’s Caroline Hartnell about philanthropy in China and his own role in its development. "We must go the way of striving for social civilization upgrading and for changing of the generations, building a modern civil society at this turning point of modernization of China."

More than the sum of our parts
Chandrika Sahai (PSJP Network) asks how foundations can collectively ensure lasting impact in the sector, bringing attention to the critical role of associations. "I’m hoping that, through WINGS, discussions about a network approach in philanthropy will include the role of associations as leaders of innovation, and as the glue that binds the field together."

New WINGS report: Infrastructure in Focus
Infrastructure in Focus: A Global Picture of Organizations Serving Philanthropy identifies four elements that help build and share common values: data, best practices, impact measurement, and communication.

Charity and Philanthropy in Russia, China, India, and Brazil
The new report by Joan Spero builds awareness and understanding of the diversity and challenges of philanthropy in the so-called BRIC countries.

What Does Community Philanthropy Look Like?
Written by Barry Knight and Andrew Milner (CENTRIS) and supported by the C.S. Mott Foundation, this 2013 case study set is part of a series produced for the Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy.

Global Status Report on Community Foundations Update
For the 2012 update of WINGS' seminal report, we focus on the role of support organizations and key developments in the field, exploring new issues and collecting data on significant trends.

14-15 May, AVPN 2014 Annual Conference :: Embark on a journey to address the three fundamental pillars of venture philanthropy: financial, human and intellectual capital.

20-22 May, IHRFG Funder Learning Visit to Brazil :: What does the current human rights funding landscape look like in Brazil, and what trends does it imply for Latin America? Capacity is limited.

4-6 Jun, Takaful 2014 - Fourth Annual Conference on Arab Philanthropy and Civic Engagement :: An annual opportunity for a multi-disciplinary community of scholars and practitioners to interact around important topics.

12-13 Jun, SROI Network Conference, Milan :: Learn how social value can create change through cross-sector case studies. [agenda , register]

23-26 July, 2014 Nexus Global Youth Summit on Innovative Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship :: Participation by invitation and application only. Space is limited so apply soon.

24-26 Sep, IFIP World Summit on Indigenous Philanthropy :: Following the UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples (WCIP), IFIP will host its biggest event ever in New York City.

20-21 Oct, Philanthropy in Asia Summit :: This invitation-only event will challenge business-as-usual through fresh perspectives stemming from creativity, artistry and social passion.

Click here for a list of main events in the WINGS global network.

Australia New Zealand Third Sector Research (ANZTSR) welcomes abstracts for its Biennial Conference, "Resilience, Change and the Third Sector" in November, on issues relevant to volunteers, philanthropy, and indigenous and non-profit organizations. Deadline is 30 April.

The Foundation Review is soliciting abstracts of up to 250 words for an upcoming open (unthemed) issue. Papers on any topic relevant to organised philanthropy are invited.

International Human Rights Funders Group invites grantmakers to submit proposals on topics related to human rights and human rights funding for its New York 2014 Institute, which will take place on 14 July.

USC's Sol Price School of Public Policy invites applications for tenure-track faculty positions from individuals conducting important research in nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, or social innovation.

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