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April 2015 eNewsletter

This month we welcome a new member to the WINGS family! Innovaid is an India based consultancy that provides advising services for philanthropy and CSR activities.

Trends in Global Philanthropy

WINGS Chairman Dr. Atallah Kuttab will give a masterclass, "Trends in Global Philanthropy", on 30 April at the Rotterdam School of Management. Kuttab has spent a major part of his life developing new initiatives in philanthropy and human rights and has become a renowned specialist in both fields.

Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize

Post your nomination by 30 April for the Third Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize, organized by Alliance in association with CIVICUS, GFCF and WINGS.

Register: Capacity Building Impact Assessment

Join us on 29 April at 1 PM ​UTC for this webinar co-sponsored by Philanthropy New York to learn about an emerging assessment method called the 4Cs.

Transparency Toolkit (video)

Learn more about this practitioner’s tool designed to help the philanthropy field. Participants are encouraged to share experiences and resources.

Diaspora Giving (video)

Learn strategies for giving effectively across borders and engaging others to join. Hosted with Bolder Giving.

The AVPN Conference was held this week in Singapore, where the network unveiled its new Capability Development Model (CDM). Look for recaps by Paul Shoemaker (SVP) and others in our May newsletter.

New Tansparency Infographics

GIFE shares how funders and social investors can improve on transparency with a new series of infographics.

Individual Giving in South Africa

The main motivation for personal generosity is a belief that giving can make a difference, according to a pilot survey among Gauteng citizens released this week by CAF Southern Africa.

Community Foundation Atlas

The world’s first comprehensive atlas of the community foundation movement identified 1,800+ place-based foundations in 70 countries.

Brad Smith, president of the Foundation Center, joined a panel of experts at the United Nations this week to discuss the role of foundations in the Post 2015 global development agenda. Look for a brief update in May.

FREE TO READ! What role can community philanthropy play in development post-2015? Jenny Hodgson (GFCF) and Barry Knight (CENTRIS) weigh in at Alliance.

Alliance magazine features key thinkers from around the world. WINGS members get a 20% discount on new subscriptions.

Philanthropy In Quote

"Gift giving is very important, with each gift containing a small part of the giver’s life force. This ‘spirit of the gift’ carries with it an obligation to reciprocate – if not to the giver then to someone else." Kate Frykberg, Philanthropy NZ

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Global perspectives on Asia-Pacific philanthropy
This month we gather viewpoints from the network on philanthropy in the Asia-Pacific region, including event recaps, reports, and reactions from WINGS board members on a recent meeting in Beijing.

WINGS board members on Asia-Pacific philanthropy
Following a recent meeting in Beijing, we asked members of the board for their thoughts on philanthropy in the Asia-Pacific region. "Harnessing the growing interest in social impact, is an emerging and positive challenge for the WINGS constituency."

CSR and philanthropy In India
Noshir Dadrawala, chief executive of the Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy (CAP), shares on what’s next for CSR and philanthropy in India, including the role to be played by infrastructure organizations.

Insights from a meeting with Chinese foundations
WINGS chairman Atallah Kuttab reports on a meeting co-hosted by the China Foundation Centre in Beijing, explaining how Chinese foundations have continued to improve on a previous lack of transparency.

Good Governance at Dasra Philanthropy Week
Neeta Saraogi (Dasra) recaps the final day of Dasra Philanthropy Week, where philanthropists, corporates and foundations came together to discuss some of India's critical development challenges.

Ten years of the Foundation for Social Transformation
Chandrika Sahai (PSJP) draws out lessons from a new GFCF resource that tells the story of a community foundation in the Northeast of India, "a testament to the difficult conditions in the global south".

Charity Law in China
Charity projects backed by foreign donors have been under particularly close watch by Chinese authorities over concerns that the organizations support interests hostile to the government.

Reflections from the 2015 Philanthropy Summit (NZ)
Philanthropy Australia recaps key moments of this month’s event which challenged attendees to think about how to use their power, influence and/or money to address issues in their communities.

Global Philanthropy Data Charter at the EFC Conference
WINGS will host a Data Charter session at the EFC Conference in May. Look for an update in our next newsletter!

Virtuous Circles: New Expressions of Collective Philanthropy In Asia
The third in the Entrepreneurial Social Finance in Asia series, this paper addresses the importance of Giving Circles in Asia.

Getting Started in Venture Philanthropy In Asia
This practical guide from AVPN helps founders, sponsors and funders of new venture philanthropy and social investment organizations in Asia.

Innovation in Asian Philanthropy
The effect of the 2008 financial crisis on Asia is largely unknown. This report explores how Asian philanthropy will develop in the next decade.

Impact Investing: Trends and Outlook In Asia
Interest in impact investments is growing worldwide, with Asia in particular holding great promise for innovation.

29 Apr, WINGS Webinar - 4Cs Capacity Building :: How to assess capacity building impact? Learn more about this emerging evaluation method.

24-28 Apr, CoF Annual Meeting :: Join global leaders from across philanthropy to develop ideas and strategies that shape the future.

7-9 May, CFC Conference :: Join more than 600 Canadian and international leaders from the foundation and philanthropic sector.

19-20 May, CECP Summit :: CECP will release the Giving In Numbers corp. societal engagement data and honor its Excellence Awards winners.

19-21 May, CEP Conference :: CEP’s biennial national conferences provide philanthropic leaders with resources to maximize their effectiveness.

20-22 May, EFC Annual General Assembly and Conference :: 'Philanthropy: Visions and Energy for Change' coincides with the World EXPO 2015.

27-29 May, Nexus Europe Youth Summit :: Join young philanthropists, impact investors and inspiring social change leaders in London.

3 Jun, Swiss Foundations 14th Annual Symposium :: Meet in Zurich to discuss issues and practical problems of everyday foundations.

15-18 Jun, CGBD 2015 Annual Meeting :: Join CGBD on the shores of the Hood Canal, overlooking the Olympic Mountains in Washington State.

Click here for a list of main events.

[more] Post your nomination for the third Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize, organized by Alliance in assoc. w/ GFCF, CIVICUS and WINGS, by 30 Apr.

[more] Join others in pledging your support via AVPN’s brand new crowdfunding platform; receive products and services from member orgs.

[more] African Giving Knowledge Base, a new resource from TrustAfrica and IssueLab, features a variety of sources related to African giving.

[more] GFCF is seeking an external evaluator to undertake an assessment of the Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy. Apply by 29 Apr.

[more] Apply for the 2015 WPI Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, awarded to scholars focusing on women’s phil. or gender differences, by 30 Apr.

[more] Polish Sociological Review is seeking papers for an issue on civil society in Central and Eastern Europe. Submit by 31 May.

[more] IHRFG is collecting data on grants authorized in 2013 and 2014 to inform its research on the state of global human rights funding.

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