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August 2013 eNewsletter

WINGSForum 2014

Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV) will co-host WINGSForum 2014 at the world-class Point Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, from 27-29 March 2014. WINGSForum is a valuable opportunity for professional development, relationship building and knowledge sharing.

Call for nominations, Asia-Pacific region

WINGS invites you to submit a nomination for our upcoming board elections. This year there is one vacancy for a director to be elected to the board and we're inviting nominations from the Asia-Pacific Region. We hope you will take this opportunity to participate in the governance of WINGS. Please respond by 15 September. View details and upload the nomination form here.

GIFE launched today (22/08) the publication "2011-2012 Census”, which analyses and interprets the mains findings of their research. For the event, GIFE invited its members and Ian Thompson, from On Common Ground Consultants INC, for a discussion panel on the role of social investment in local development. more »

How to gauge social impact?

AVPN’s recent workshop on social impact measurement, conducted by Marlon van Dijk of Social e-valuator, addressed this and more. For more about the Social e-valuator tool and a free 30-day trial, email

How Resilient Is Your City?

Cities are growing rapidly, and they are largely unprepared to withstand and bounce back from natural and man-made shocks and stresses. The Rockefeller Foundation has opened registration for its 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge. City officials are encouraged to register to apply to make their city more resilient.

Measuring Nonprofit Impact

Peter Singer’s 2013 TED talk about effective altruism argues for the moral necessity of supporting effective charities. Since most of us would prefer to support charities we know, working on issues we care about, rather than only the three charities Givewell considers effective, what do we do? By Paul Penley

Knowledge Center

Measure and Manage Impact

This practical guide from the EVPA is a comprehensive resource that distills best practice in impact measurement into five easy-to-understand steps and provides practical tips and recommendations for how to implement impact measurement at the level of the social investor and in the social sector organisations that they support.

Download the from the WINGS Knowledge Center today.

On Testing Social Impact

"The worry is that too much judgement around what can be relied upon is based on a feel rather than something more tangible and real. Impact reporting is something that many organisations and projects regard as important yet so much of it is rattled out without reference to any standard or verification process." By Karl Leathem

WINGS members receive a free one-year subscription to Philanthropy In/Sight®, the Foundation Center's interactive mapping tool.

Alliance magazine features interviews with leaders in the field and articles on topical issues by key thinkers from around the world. WINGS members get a 20% discount on new subscriptions.

Philanthropy In Quote

"For foundations, stories are vital to our work. Stories of need or injustice, of action or inaction. Not only can stories help us decide who to fund, but also what results from our funding. However, for philanthropy’s stories to move others to action, they must have data." Kyle Reis, TechSoup Global

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WINGSForum 2014: The survey results are in!

Nearly 50 organisations in 21 countries across all regions of the network shared what they want to see in Istanbul come March.

Based on your feedback, potential topics include: 1. Networks and Collaboration (including the roles of associations and support organisations); 2. Data for Philanthropy; and 3. Accountability and Transparency (including legal and regulatory issues)

Possible workshops include: 1. Skills for social change (advocacy focus); 2. Skills for social change (resource mobilisation focus); 3. Social media and communications; and 4. Governance and BOD management

We see a high level of commitment, which means a great turnout for what will surely be the most exciting WINGSForum to date!

SROI, philanthropic freedom, and a new vision for Africa

In this August issue of WINGS Dispatch, we look at philanthropic freedom, Social Return on Investment, and the changing landscape in Africa. WINGS board members John Ulanga, Tina Thiart and Jenny Hodgson report on the evolving landscape of philanthropy in Africa, where the trend to connect philanthropy with business is especially apparent. We also share new developments in data, Community Philanthropy, and take a look at the first ever analysis of philanthropic freedom across the world. Headlines, events, new reports from GIFE and EVPA, opportunities and more as we draw closer to Istanbul in 2014.

A new philanthropic vision for East Africa

EAAG's 2013 East Africa Philanthropy Conference was designed to explore local innovative strategies developed to link social investment with social impact. John Ulanga, former EAAG Chairman and WINGS board member, recently shared his perspective on the event, reflecting on the changing philanthropic landscape in the region. "I believe the increased urbanisation happening in our continent, coupled with the growing middle class and the emerging elite, presents a good opportunity for the new form of philanthropy that can leverage corporate capabilities." more »

Be part of a Global Consultation on Philanthropy Data

WINGS identified a gap and the need for reliable, globally-comparable data on philanthropy, and engaged a select group of philanthropy leaders to discuss the issue and work towards a Global Philanthropy Data Charter – a statement of values to provide a framework and guide the collection and use of data on philanthropy. The next meeting will be in Brussels, hosted by the EFC, on September 17th. A draft document is available on the WINGS website. We look forward to receiving your input to further improve the Charter!

Towards innovative philanthropy in Southern Africa

During the past year we have noticed more innovation investment in business development and more investment in the strengthening of governance and sustainable business models. No longer do investors look for the "feel good” organisations but rather they want to build local business to ensure that their own businesses are sustainable and that they meet the requirements of the local governments to invest in local business. Once again we experience the move away from traditional forms of philanthropy, charitable contributions and a move towards innovative forms of philanthropy that leverage the unique skills of company leaders. Article by Tina Thiart. more »

Help shape Summit on Community Philanthropy

A background paper was written to develop the agenda for a Global Summit on Community Philanthropy, to be held either in 2015 or 2016. The final version of the paper will determine the character of the summit meeting itself, but before the paper can play this role, it needs to go through an iterative process so that it has wide ownership by the field. Actors in the field are invited to take ownership of the paper by sending their comments and suggestions. more »

Africa's evolving philanthropic discourse

As the African philanthropy sector enters a period of rapid growth, with new players and new resources emerging, some level of tension and contradiction is inevitable—and healthy—not least because different kinds of philanthropic money come shaped by different visions and theories of change. Philanthropy offers a unique position from which to take risks, seed innovation and ensure the voice of a vibrant civil society to hold governments and big corporates to account. Article by Jenny Hodgson. more »

First analysis of philanthropic freedom across the world

The Hudson Institute Center for Global Prosperity's new pilot study, Philanthropy Freedom, examines barriers and incentives for individuals and organisations to donate resources to social causes. It is the first analysis of philanthropic freedom across countries. The Institute’s Deputy Director & Research Fellow, Yulya Spantchak, explains why this report is important to global philanthropy today. "Philanthropy’s integral role in creating NGOs and other sources of wealth and power outside of central government control helps democracies flourish by strengthening freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. This integral role of philanthropy in strengthening civil society can be best demonstrated by the current political events in Egypt and Russia." more »

WINGS webinar on SROI

Interest and use of Social Return on Investment is growing as a way of accounting for and managing the social economic and environmental value of an organisation's work. Watch the WINGS webinar, presented by new WINGS members, SROI Network and Filantrofilia.

28 August, IHRFG Webinar | Join the International Human Rights Funders Group for a grantmakers-only webinar that explores opportunities for funders at the intersection of climate change and human rights to support concrete strategies at local, state and national levels for comprehensive climate solutions. Register online.

3 September, Ibero-american Civil Society in 2020 | GIFE and Fundação Roberto Marinho invite for a debate on the challenges facing civil society in Ibero-american countries. WINGS members CEMEFI and Association of Spanish Foundations are on the panel. (Portuguese)

10-11 September, XII Annual Congress of the Third Sector Research | As part of the 25th anniversary of the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, the XIII Congress of the Third Sector Research will generate an academic exchange about the progress of civil society research in the country.

17-19 September, Australian Community Foundation Forum | Hosted by Philanthropy Australia, the Forum is perfect for those who want to learn about the Community Foundation movement and what it can do for their community.

22-24 September, Social Good Summit 2013 | Join a dynamic community of global leaders to discuss a big idea: the power of innovative thinking and technology to solve our greatest challenges.

29 Sep-2 Oct, EGA Fall Retreat | Join the Environmental Grantmakers Association in New Orleans, Louisiana, to connect and discuss climate change, clean water, community health and more. The retreat explores solutions that incorporate the voices of people most affected by environmental issues.

6-9 October, African Creative Economy | Join leading policymakers, economist, academics and creative entrepreneurs in Cape Town, South Africa, for the Arterial Network's third international conference on the African Creative Economy.

17-19 October, SVP's Audacious Philanthropy Conference 2013 | Conference registration is now open! Seize this opportunity to network with hundreds of philanthropists engaged in the hard work of social change.

18-19 November, Supporting Movements Conference | Join Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, as part of its Scaling What Works initiative, and 200 grantmaking peers for the fall conference, Supporting Movements: A grantmaker gathering on collaborative approaches for social change, in Washington, D.C. Priority Registration opens 4 September.

26-27 November, EVPA Annual Conference | Registration is now open for the 9th EVPA Annual Conference, Responsible Leadership: Inspire and Act! Delegates can choose between the following streams: Tricks of the trade; Best practices; Building the market.

The University of Southern California’s Sol Price School of Public Policy invites applications for tenure-track faculty positions from individuals conducting interesting and important research in nonprofit organisations, philanthropy, or social innovation. more »

Abstracts of up to 250 words are being solicited for Volume 6, Issue 2 of The Foundation Review. This issue will be an open (unthemed) issue. Papers on any topic relevant to organised philanthropy are invited. Submit to by 30 August. more »

The Global Philanthropy Forum is seeking to recruit a Director for its newest endeavor, the African Philanthropy Forum—a network of African philanthropists and social investors committed to inclusive and sustainable economic development throughout the African continent. more »

The Impact Economy Innovations Fund (IEIF) is aimed at improving the lives of poor and vulnerable communities in Africa. The IEIF will support approximately 7-8 proposals; interested organisations may apply to the fund for grants for up to 12 months with a maximum request of US$100,000, and may participate in more than one grant proposal. more »

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