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August 2014 eNewsletter

"Philanthropy has a key role in developing a new vision of the world, and WINGS has a key role in sharing different views of philanthropy. I don’t know any initiative that has played such an important role in expanding philanthropy." Jorge Villalobos, Executive President, Centro Mexicano para la Filantropia (CEMEFI)

Join us in welcoming our new membership and development coordinator! Laura Fernandez has grassroots, NGO and private sector experience in advocacy, research and communication on climate change and sustainable development. Welcome, Laura!

Announcing two new and exciting WINGS launches: our improved members map and the all-new Global Philanthropy Data Charter website! Stay tuned to for more in the coming days, and read about our new Chinese and Russian translations of the Data Charter!

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Philanthropy and International Development Cooperation

Our latest webinar with UNDP follows a recent convening on philanthropy as an emerging contributor to development cooperation.

Philanthropy advisor Heather Grady points to challenges for collaboration on global development, adding that now is the time for interested parties to join the fold. "Get in touch as our circle widens." SSIR

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation will invest $50 million in what it calls the Madison Initiative, joining forces with civic groups and leaders to promote a more informed and active citizenry in the United States.

The 100 Resilient Cities Challenge seeks to find 100 cities ready to build resilience to the social, economic and physical challenges cities face in an increasingly urbanized world. Apply by 10th September.

New GrantCraft website; IssueLab leads by example.

Philanthropy In/Sight®
WINGS members receive a free one-year subscription to the Center's interactive mapping tool.

Alliance retrospective: Karla Simon (ICCSL) recaps civil society developments in China, including the 2014 reform agenda for CSOs. NEW! Free article: Interview with Robert Rubinstein (TBLI) on business taking people and environment into account.

Alliance magazine features articles by key thinkers from around the world. WINGS members get 20% discount on new subscriptions.

Philanthropy In Quote

"To advance human rights, we must start at the roots of social issues and inequality." Abigail Burgesson, AWDF

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We’re pleased to share with you the 2015 WINGS Board of Directors Call for Nominations. Click here for details of the nomination process and the 2015 nomination form. Closing date is 12th September.

The future lies in civil society
August Dispatch looks at the state of civil society worldwide with reports and data from every region. We share our latest webinar on the role of philanthropy in international development cooperation and new reports, including State of Civil Society (CIVICUS) and Future World Giving (CAF).

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New report bridges social change with the arts
Hania Aswad (Naseej Foundation) and Chandrika Sahai (PSJP) introduce the new PSJP report that explores how "the transformational power of arts and culture" can advance social justice and peace worldwide.

Data moves us beyond anecdote
IHRFG and the Foundation Center launched the first-ever interactive site for global human rights grantmakers, and a new report on human rights funding flows. Christen Dobson (IHRFG) shares noteworthy features.

Egypt fails to recognize the role of civil society
"Leaders in Egypt have failed to recognise that the campaigning of not-for-profits plays an important role as a pressure gauge that can release dissent in a manageable way." Article by Adam Pickering (CAF).

For radical change, build from below
Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah (CIVICUS) says charities are no longer drivers of social change; that for many saving the world has become big business. "We need more Arab Springs, but we need them to endure."

The state of civil society in Rwanda
Laurent Munyandilikirwa (LIPRODHOR) shares with CIVICUS about civil society in Rwanda. "The government restricts the work of CSOs through legal obstacles including overly bureaucratic registration processes."

Women’s rights funders in MENA
"Since pro-democracy uprisings in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region several years ago, many donors have expressed interest in funding in this region." Caroline Sakina Brac de la Perrière (MedWF) reports.

An insider’s view on philanthropy in Brazil
In the latest in a series on charity and philanthropy in BRIC countries, Paula Fabiani (IDIS) comments on current trends. "The weakness of civil society in Brazil may inhibit giving domestically."

Philanthropy on the rise in Latin America
In a region of the world where the government is the default for social programs, a rise in social impact investing is welcome. Includes comments by Carolina Suarez (AFE). Gabriel Sanchez Zinny reports.

State of Civil Society 2014: Reimagining Global Governance
Varied contributions highlight changing global political dynamics, an emerging disillusionment with global frameworks of governance and a fundamental lack of accountability within international decision-making.

CAF Future World Giving: Building Trust in Charitable Giving
Governments, particularly in emerging economies, should act now to create an enabling environment that encourages the next generation of affluent citizens to engage in giving to causes that have earned their trust.

Philanthropy as Emerging Contributor to Development Cooperation
The new report by philanthropy advisor Heather Grady analyses trends and opportunities for philanthropy contributions to global development.

25-29 Aug, Centre Francais Des Fonds Et Fondations :: Training on "building, structuring, managing and financing your staff" (French).

26 Aug, Interactive meeting PGA/Civil Society :: Civil society meeting for the upcoming High-level Stocktaking Event on the Post-2015 Agenda.

3-4 Sep, ACSEP NUS Business School :: Focuses on strategies for the delivery of social goods and services through NGOs and impact investees.

24-26 Sep, IFIP World Summit on Indigenous Philanthropy :: IFIP will host its biggest event ever following the UN WCIP in New York City.

16-18 Oct, SVP Audacious Philanthropy :: Join venture philanthropists and entrepreneurs from around the world. Early bird registration ends 15 Sep.

18 Oct, COF Fall Conference for Community Foundations :: Centennial celebration with nation's first community foundation, Cleveland Foundation. See why you should attend—download the benefits toolkit.

20-21 Oct, Philanthropy in Asia Summit :: Invitation-only event offers fresh perspectives stemming from creativity, artistry and social passion.

20-22 Oct, PFC 2014 Conference :: Explore issues facing Canada in the 21st century through a lens of collaboration and philanthropic innovation.

6 Nov, Brazilian Philanthropy Forum :: Save the date! Join discussions in São Paulo, Brazil on Innovation and Impact in Philanthropy.

19-25 Nov, CIVICUS International Civil Society Week 2014 :: More than 20 events organized by leading CSOs from around the world.

15-16 Apr, Philanthropy NZ Summit 2015 :: Join thought leaders, innovators and practitioners for a summit that will inform and inspire.

7-9 May, CFC 2015 Conference :: Save the date for a unique learning opportunity with community philanthropy leaders from around the world.

Click here for a list of main events in the WINGS global network.

We’re pleased to share with you the 2015 WINGS Board of Directors Call for Nominations. Click here for details of the nomination process and the 2015 nomination form. Closing date 12 September.

The CIVICUS Innovation Awards celebrates its 10th year of awarding civil society activists and orgs for innovation and risk-taking. Nominate here.

Bernard van Leer Foundation seeks an executive director to develop its role as champion for early child development. Closing date 25 August.

100 Resilient Cities Challenge seeks 100 cities ready to build resilience to the challenges of an increasingly urbanized world. Deadline 10 September.

You’re invited to participate in the nomination of candidates for the 2014 East Africa Philanthropy Awards (EAPA). Deadline 15 August.

The Foundation Review seeks abstracts on any topic relevant to organized philanthropy for an upcoming issue. Submit by 30 August.

Abstracts wanted for the next Institute for Western Affairs conference in Poland. Deadline is 31 August. Submit proposals here.

The AGN invites you to nominate prospective recipients of the 2014 African Philanthropy Awards. Deadline is 31 August.

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