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February 2015 eNewsletter

"WINGS provides incredible learning opportunities and a chance to meet colleagues." Desi Taliokova, America for Bulgaria Foundation

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Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize

Post your nomination for the Third Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize, organized by Alliance in association with CIVICUS, GFCF and WINGS. Closing date for nominations is 30 April.

Funding with Foundation Maps

In February the Foundation Center presented Foundation Maps, a new visualization tool that helps funders, nonprofits and philanthropy networks achieve greater impact.

Activities of legitimate NPOs are important and must be protected. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) released a summary revision of the Best Practices Paper (BPP) and is calling on NPOs to take action.

Visions and Energy for Change

"Youth driving change" is one of four main topics to be explored at EFC’s 26th Annual General Assembly and Conference.

Collecting lessons from EVPA members, "Learning from Failures in Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment" looks at strategies and investments that failed and the reasons why.

Foundation Maps is a data vizualization platform that helps funders and nonprofits access the knowledge they need to make strategic decisions and achieve greater impact.

FREE! Paula Jancso Fabiani (IDIS) talks to Caroline Hartnell about developing a culture of giving in Brazil in this free-to-read interview from Alliance.

Alliance magazine features articles by key thinkers from around the world. WINGS members get a 20% discount on new subscriptions.

Philanthropy In Quote

"It’s great to see younger wealthy generations looking for new ways to use their money to create lasting positive change." Amy Clarke, Charities Aid Foundation

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The next generation of global philanthropy
Next Gen philanthropy is our focus this month. We highlight youth in philanthropy around the globe, and feature new visualization tools and reports to help you strategize and maximize your impact.

         **Impact measurement survey deadline extended**

We've learned that although 80% of grantmakers ask their grantees for information on impact, only 40% of them have a specific methodology. You can still be part of the survey! If you are foundation/private social investor, click here. If you are a philanthropy infrastructure/support organization click here, and we strongly encourage you to share the foundations survey above with your members and networks!

Generation Next: Young People Shaping Africa's Future
Niamani Mutima (AGAG), Theo Sowa (AWDF) and Andrea Johnson (Carnegie Corporation of New York) talk about why creating an enabling environment for Africa's youth is important to everyone.

Exploring funding with Foundation Maps
Jake Garcia shares how organizations can use Foundation Center’s new tool, Foundation Maps, to access the knowledge they need to make strategic decisions and achieve greater impact. (Interview and webinar)

Asian appetite for philanthropy spurs new methods
Emma Hanley (ActionAid International) links a younger generation of wealthy Asians to more personal engagement, reliance on impact measurement, and openness to talking publicly about philanthropy.

Youth summit bridges philanthropy and social entrepreneurship
The first Nexus Caribbean Youth Summit highlighted the region as a hub for cultural diversity, innovation, intellectual talent and impact. Topics included leveraging social media to build social enterprise.

New working group advocates for youth leadership development
The Children and Youth Working Group, a coalition of IHRFG members, says grant dollars can be augmented when grantmakers not only consider youth as beneficiaries, but also as partners.

Nexus US Congressional Summit resonates around the world
Jonah Wittkamper (Nexus) shares with Alliance successes from the recent event, adding that "Nexus alumni all over the world can help sympathetic governments in their regions develop similar programmes".

Scanning the Landscape of Youth Philanthropy
This report from the Foundation Center explores the question of how to transfer leadership to the next generation effectively and meaningfully.

Next Gen Donors: Shaping the Future of Philanthropy
This GrantCraft companion guide captures what 30 next generation major donors find distinctive about themselves and their peers.

Oxfam Annual Report 2013-2014
Highlights, among other programs, the OIYP, a global network of young people committed to peaceful, equitable and sustainable social change.

24 Feb, AVPN Webinar :: Structured impact investment vehicles provide for increased efficiency and greater impact.

10-11 Mar, Changes in Civil Society and Philanthropy :: Meet with scholars as they present current research in Jerusalem, Israel.

16-20 Mar, CoF Philanthropy Week :: Programs in the US Capitol will explore challenges and opportunities with the current Administration.

18-19 Mar, Foundations on the Hill :: Travel with colleagues to meet select members of the US Congress and Representatives in Washington, DC.

19-21 Mar, Dasra Philanthropy Week :: Attend India’s leading philanthropy event in Mumbai, India, themed "Girl Power".

24 Mar, NPC Leading Impact Conference :: Find the strategic thinking and insights you need to put impact at the heart of your social enterprise.

15-16 Apr, Philanthropy NZ Summit :: "The Power of Strategic Giving" focuses on income and inequality, youth and employment, and more.

16-17 Apr, AGAG Annual Conference :: Generation Next: Young People Shaping Africa’s Future commemorates 15 years of AGAG.

20-21 Apr, SVP Leadership Retreat :: Explore what leadership means and build the skills needed to grow beyondd transactional leadership.

20-23 Apr, AVPN Annual Conference :: AVPN will unveil its new Capability Development Model (CDM). Early bird ticket sales end 20 Feb.

23-25 Apr, CSI Workshops :: Join CSI for social investment and impact workshops that will improve your organizational development.

22-24 Apr, GPF Annual Conference :: "Disruptors and Decision Makers" will connect business, philanthropy and government to global solutions.

24-28 Apr, CoF Annual Meeting :: Join global leaders from across philanthropy to develop ideas and strategies that shape the future.

Click here for a list of main events.

[more] Post your nomination for the Third Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize, organized by Alliance in association with GFCF, CIVICUS and WINGS.

[more] GFCF is commissioning new research in Pakistan and other countries/regions with limited knowledge on community philanthropy.

[more] CIVICUS is seeking candidates for Sustainable Development Coordinator, based in its New York UN office. Apply by 27 Feb.

[more] Help inform GrantCraft’s ongoing strategy and work by completing a 10-minute survey by 28 Feb (deadline extended).

[more] Carleton University is seeking an instructor for a graduate seminar in philanthropy for social change. Application letter due 23 Feb.

[more] Participate in the e-discussion, “Managing the transition from MDGs to SDGs”, hosted by DESA and UNDP, from 17 Feb to 17 Mar.

[more] Launching this month, Giving Magazine invites nonprofits and charities to gift the publication to their supporters for free.

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