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July 2014 eNewsletter

“Reconnecting with colleagues and meeting new friends reaffirmed the value of organizations engaged in social justice and philanthropy convening in trying times marked with the shrinking space of civil society." Beulah Fredericks, SACGLF, on WINGSForum

Join us in giving a heartfelt farewell to our Programme Coordinator, Jane Mayer, as she moves on from WINGS to pursue opportunities in Chicago. Jane has helped tremendously this past year to ensure a successful WINGSForum, and we'll miss her dedication, skill and enthusiasm. Read Jane’s recap of the event here. You can reach her through early August at Jane, we wish you the best!

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Transparency & Accountability

Join WINGS on 29 July to discuss current initiatives in the field. Foundation Center, AFE and EFC will present.

WINGSForum 2014: The Power of Networks conference report shares findings from our successful event in Istanbul, Turkey, highlighting contributions from key actors in the sector.

The latest edition of Advancing Human Rights identifies $1.7 billion in human rights funding from foundations in 34 countries awarded to more than 10,000 organizations worldwide.

The revamped M4G website includes blogs, resources, a new vision page and a community portal, all to help increase the sector’s capacity to generate, share and use information.

Foundation Center News: GrantCraft launches new website; IssueLab leads by example.
Philanthropy In/Sight®
WINGS members receive a free one-year subscription to the Foundation Center's interactive mapping tool.

NEW! Free read: The Women Effect by Suzanne Biegel.

Alliance magazine features articles by key thinkers from around the world. WINGS members get 20% discount on new subscriptions.

Philanthropy In Quote

"Football (soccer), democratic values, and philanthropy are integral parts of the globalizing world in which we live. If the 2014 World Cup teaches us anything, it is that they are connected in more ways than we can imagine." Brad Smith, Foundation Center

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We’re pleased to share with you the 2015 WINGS Board of Directors Call for Nominations. Click here for details of the nomination process and the 2015 nomination form. Closing date is 12th September.

Sports and philanthropy are changing the game
This issue of Dispatch highlights the role of sports in building community. We connect global sporting events like the World Cup to global philanthropy initiatives, beginning with a blog cowritten by two time Olympian Ian Bird. We also forecast our upcoming webinar on transparency and share the WINGSForum 2014 conference report.

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Sport and philanthropy are changing the game
For two time Olympian Ian Bird (Community Foundations of Canada) and Paul Melia (True Sport Foundation), sport is a platform for action that transcends cultural barriers. "Like most cultures, sport is an important part of Canadian identity. So too is giving and sharing—our roots in philanthropy."

World Cup soccer, world-class philanthropy
To the Foundation Center's Brad Smith, philanthropy, like the World Cup, is a global phenomenon. The Foundation Directory Online lists some 80 foundations that have made 2,000 soccer-related grants, many of which have a social purpose, and some being directly related to the World Cup itself.

Using sport to support thriving communities
Sports offer opportunities to engage with others and to feel a sense of achievement. This is especially vital for vulnerable groups within the community, who may feel isolated or have requirements not normally facilitated by traditional teams.

The World Cup and Skoll's work on pandemics
The Skoll Global Threats Fund (SGTF) supported an app for testing that allows sports fans to self-report their health during the World Cup. The pilot project will help determine the efficacy of real-time reporting in combating outbreaks.

Philanthropy as emerging contributor to development cooperation
Karolina Mzyk (UNDP) shares why philanthropy, specifically a global network like WINGS, plays a valuable role in facilitating cross-sector partnerships by engaging government, international bodies and other key players. "Philanthropy can be a powerful force in international development."

Building connected global philanthropy—salient learnings
Beulah Fredericks (SACGLF) shares grantmaking lessons in a 'network' context from this year’s WINGSForum in Istanbul. "Although grantmaking is not easily understood, it remains an important tool."

The power of the WINGS global network
Jane Mayer (WINGS) reflects on how collaboration and diversity contributed to a highly successful WINGSForum in Istanbul. "The WINGS global network will become stronger and more united as we learn, converse and develop alongside one another."

New Features! WINGS Knowledge Center has improved! Now you can search hundreds of publications and upload documents using new categories.

WINGSForum 2014: The Power of Networks (Conference Report)
This brand new report shares findings from our successful flagship event in Istanbul, Turkey, highlighting contributions from key actors in the sector.

Philanthropy as Emerging Contributor to Development Cooperation
The new report by philanthropy advisor Heather Grady analyses trends and opportunities for philanthropy contributions to global development.

Grassroots Development: Building collectively from practices
Comunalia’s new report, "El desarrollo de base en Comunalia: Construyendo colectivamente a partir de las prácticas" defines concepts and best practices following a special workshop held in Mexico City in October (Spanish).

Philanthropy at the Nexus of Peace, Social Justice, Arts and Culture
Explore the relationship between progressive social change work and the arts, specifically supporting culture to advance social justice and peace.

29 Jul, WINGS Webinar :: Join WINGS to learn about current initiatives in transparency and accountability. Foundation Center, AFE and EFC present.

25-29 Aug, Centre Francais Des Fonds Et Fondations :: Register for 5 days of training on "Building, structuring, managing and financing your foundation or fund staffing" (French).

3-4 Sep, ACSEP NUS Business School :: This 2-day program focuses on designing, implementing, and evaluating strategies for the delivery of social goods and services through NGOs and impact investees.

24-26 Sep, IFIP World Summit on Indigenous Philanthropy :: Following the UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples (WCIP), IFIP will host its biggest event ever in New York City.

18 Oct, 2014 Fall Conference for Community Foundations - COF :: Celebrate the community foundation centennial alongside the Cleveland Foundation, the nation's first community foundation.

20-21 Oct, Philanthropy in Asia Summit :: This invitation-only event will challenge business-as-usual through fresh perspectives stemming from creativity, artistry and social passion.

20-22 Oct, PFC 2014 Conference :: Explore the social and environmental issues facing Canada in the 21st century through a lens of collaboration and philanthropic innovation.

7-9 May, CFC 2015 Conference :: Save the date for an unparalleled learning opportunity with community philanthropy leaders from around the world.

Click here for a list of main events in the WINGS global network.

We’re pleased to share with you the 2015 WINGS Board of Directors Call for Nominations. Click here for details of the nomination process and the 2015 nomination form. Closing date is 12th September.

Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Challenge seeks 100 cities that are ready to build resilience to challenges that cities face in an increasingly urbanized world. Ignite the urban resilience movement. Apply today.

You’re invited to participate in the nomination of candidates for the 2014 East Africa Philanthropy Awards (EAPA). Deadline is 15th August.

The Foundation Review is seeking abstracts for an upcoming issue. Submit on any topic relevant to organized philanthropy by 30 August.

Abstracts wanted for the next Institute for Western Affairs conference in Poland. Deadline is 31 August. Submit proposals here.

The AGN invites you to nominate prospective recipients of the 2014 African Philanthropy Awards. Deadline is 31 August.

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