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March 2015 eNewsletter

WINGS Membership 2015

The WINGS community is thriving! Many members are renewing their memberships. Renew yours by 31 March and enjoy the many benefits of being a part of WINGS!

WINGS Transparency Toolkit

Our toolkit, Transparency and Accountability in Philanthropy and Private Social Investment, documents member experiences, tools and best practices as we collectively advance transparency and accountability.

Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize

Post your nomination for the Third Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize, organized by Alliance in association with CIVICUS, GFCF and WINGS. Closing date for nominations is 30 April.

Transparency Toolkit, 26 March

Join us to learn more about this practitioner’s tool designed to help the philanthropy field. Participants are encouraged to share experiences and resources.

Diaspora Giving, 2nd April

Register for our webinar, hosted with Bolder Giving on 2nd April, to learn strategies for giving effectively across borders and engaging others to join. Burcu Mirza (Turkish Philanthropy Funds) and Jenny Hodgson (GFCF) will present.

AVPN Conference 2015

The AVPN Conference speaker list is now online, and includes EVPA’s Lisa Hehenberger, who shared her thoughts on exit strategies with WINGS earlier this year. AVPN will unveil its Capability Development Model (CDM) at the conference — see our January interview with AVPN for more.

Transparency and Security

IHRFG is spearheading Advancing Human Rights: Knowledge Tools for Funders, a multi-year effort to map the landscape of human rights grantmaking. See what its lead partners are saying about the data you're sharing - or not - for the project.

Introducing TechSoup Türkiye

TechSoup recently launched 'TechSoup Türkiye' with their newest global partner, Sivil Toplum Geliştirme Merkezi (STGM) (Civil Society Development Center in English). TechSoup helps nonprofits and libraries with the tech to serve their communities.

Foundation Maps is a data visualization platform that helps funders and nonprofits access the knowledge they need to make strategic decisions and achieve greater impact.

FREE! New Philanthropy Capital’s (NPC) report, 10 Innovations in Global Philanthropy, aims to bring more money into philanthropy and to see it spent more effectively. Read the article for free at the Alliance website.

Alliance magazine features articles by key thinkers from around the world. WINGS members get a 20% discount on new subscriptions.

Philanthropy In Quote

"Accurate and timely data allows funders to learn quickly about issues they are interested in. It encourages them to think strategically about their giving and to communicate and collaborate with others in the sector." Rachel Findlay, NPC

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Renew your WINGS membership by Tuesday 31 March.

Transparency and accountability toolkit and webinar
Our new toolkit is the product of a wide consultation with members and partners. Learn more and how you can be a part of it in our webinar next week. This month we highlight transparency initiatives, preview upcoming webinars, and reflect on local cultures of giving and global development.

Transparency in practice
Neville Gabriel (The Other Foundation) and Ana Pinho (WINGS) share how the new WINGS transparency toolkit, the result of regional consultations with more than 100 members and partners, can benefit the sector.

Is it worth it to be transparent?
Transparency is one of GIFE's focus areas – the launch of a publication kicked off an initiative that includes new resources, including infographics, and the video and e-discussion, "is it worth it to be transparent?"

CF Insights moves to Foundation Center
CF Insights, a network that now includes more than 150 US community foundations, now operates under the auspices of Foundation Center. CF Insights was created in 2006 as a partnership between FSG and COF.

Helping to scale social sector knowledge building
Transparency Talk, Foundation Center’s Glasspockets blog, has launched a series of interviews with FSI openness portfolio grantees, beginning with Timothy Vollmer of Creative Commons.

International effort engages the sector in global development
In March representatives from government and civil society convened on Bogota for the second in a planned series of workshops to identify opportunities around how philanthropy can engage in global development.

Reflecting on local cultures of giving in Southern Africa
Shelagh Gastrow (Inyathelo) reflects on how community and re-granting foundations in the region uplift communities that often cannot otherwise access regular donations. "Africa offers a swathe of giving practices."

A thematic forum for the social transformation of our societies
The topic of this year’s World Bicycle Forum, "Cities for All", placed the bicycle as a social transformation tool and a solution to deep issues like inequality, urban mobility and gender. Article by Laura Fernandez.

Transparency and Accountability in Philanthropy and Private Social Investment
This new WINGS toolkit is the result of regional consultations held during 2012 and 2013 with more than 100 WINGS members and partners.

Oxfam GB — Accountability Starter Pack
This guide is for those staff who would like to learn more about how to implement activities that are accountable to people and communities.

Opening up — Desmystifying Funder Transparency
This GrantCraft report explores how transparency strengthens credibility, improves grantee relationships, facilitates collaboration and more.

26 Mar, WINGS Webinar - Transparency Toolkit :: Learn more about this new practitioner’s tool designed to help the philanthropy field.

2 Apr, WINGS Webinar - Diaspora Giving :: Learn strategies for giving effectively across borders and engaging others to join you.

29 Apr, WINGS Webinar - Capacity Building Impact :: Learn about an emerging assessment method called the 4Cs.

24 Mar, NPC Leading Impact Conference :: Find the strategic thinking and insights you need to put impact at the heart of your social enterprise.

15-16 Apr, Philanthropy NZ Summit :: "The Power of Strategic Giving" focuses on income and inequality, youth and employment, and more.

16-17 Apr, AGAG Annual Conference :: Generation Next: Young People Shaping Africa’s Future marks 15 years of AGAG. Now view the agenda.

20-21 Apr, SVP Leadership Retreat :: Build the skills you need to grow beyond transactional leadership. Agenda now available online.

20-23 Apr, AVPN Annual Conference :: AVPN unveils its Capability Devel. Model (CDM), with a full day where 200+ members take the lead.

23-25 Apr, CSI Workshops :: Join CSI for social investment and impact workshops that will improve your organizational development.

22-24 Apr, GPF Annual Conference :: "Disruptors and Decision Makers" will connect business, philanthropy and government to global solutions.

24-28 Apr, CoF Annual Meeting :: Join global leaders from across philanthropy to develop ideas and strategies that shape the future.

7-9 May, CFC Conference :: Join more than 600 Canadian and international leaders from the foundation and philanthropic sector.

19-20 May, CECP Summit :: CECP will release the Giving In Numbers corp. societal engagement data and honor its Excellence Awards winners.

19-21 May, CEP Conference :: CEP’s biennial national conferences provide philanthropic leaders with resources to maximize their effectiveness.

20-22 May, EFC Annual General Assembly and Conference :: 'Philanthropy: Visions and Energy for Change' coincides with the World EXPO 2015.

Click here for a list of main events.

[more] Post your nomination for the Third Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize, organized by Alliance in association with GFCF, CIVICUS and WINGS.

[more] IHRFG is collecting data on grants authorized in 2013 and 2014 to inform its research on the state of global human rights funding.

[more] Apply for the 2015 WPI Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, awarded to scholars focusing on women’s phil. or gender differences, by 30 Apr.

[more] IHRFG invites conference proposals for it’s July NY Conference, 'The Rights-Based Approach: The Right Approach?'. Submit by 8 Apr.

[more] Polish Sociological Review seeks papers for an issue on civil society in Central and Eastern Europe. Deadline is 31 May.

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