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May 2014 eNewsletter

“WINGS provides a venue through which each of our associations can share successful strategies and lessons learned.” Christen Dobson, IHRFG

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WINGS Webinar: Charity and Philanthropy in the BRICS

Join WINGS on Wed 28 May at 2PM UTC for a conversation with Joan Spero, author of the new report, "Charity and Philanthropy in Russia, China, India and Brazil", and Tina Thiart (SACGLF), who will comment on philanthropy in South Africa.

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Infrastructure in Focus: A Global Picture of Organizations Serving Philanthropy (WINGS) identifies four elements that help to build and share common values: data, best practices, measuring impact, and communication.

The EVPA has published its 3rd annual survey on European venture philanthropy and social investment. EVPA acts as a main repository of data on the venture philanthropy industry in Europe.

GIFE reported on RedEAmerica’s annual international forum, which serves as a platform for social dialogue between investors, community leaders and others to reflect on challenges and lessons learned. (First half in Portuguese; second half in English.)

In May the Ford Foundation hosted Philanthropy New York’s 35th Annual Meeting, featuring Hillary Rodham Clinton. (video)

The Global Learning Exchange (GLE) webinar on social enterprise in Latin America considers social enterprise structures that have worked, and looks at emerging investment priorities.

You are invited to comment on proposed changes to the Philanthropy Classification System by 23 May.

WINGS members receive a free one-year subscription to Philanthropy In/Sight®, the Foundation Center's interactive mapping tool.

NEW! Read coverage from the 2014 EFC Conference on the Latest from Alliance blog.

Alliance magazine features interviews with leaders in the field and articles on issues by key thinkers from around the world. WINGS members get 20% off new subscriptions.

Philanthropy In Quote

“As social and environmental performance data becomes more readily available, impact investors are putting it to use in support of their investment practices, the business models of their portfolio companies, and overall market development.” Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)

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Learning and sharing the value of philanthropy
In this issue we look at how sharing can help us understand and measure the value of our work. We explore new reports on venture philanthropy and social investment from OECD netFWD and EVPA, and look at recent achievements and milestones from the network. Also in this issue—EFC and AVPN Conference recaps, more WINGSForum commentary and an exciting events forecast, including our latest webinar on BRIC philanthropy.

Global Value Exchange moves data sharing forward
We asked Ben Carpenter, Information Researcher and Coordinator at The SROI Network, about how WINGS members and other organizations around the world can use a new open source tool to safely and easily track and share the value of their work.

QA with Joan Spero, ‘philanthropy in BRIC countries’
Written and researched in collaboration with WINGS, the report identifies forces that are shaping giving in the BRICs and examines the growth of the philanthropic sector in each of the four countries.

EFC Conference—the complex state of philanthropy in Europe
Chandrika Sahai (PSJP) calls for a deeper interrogation of how we can play an effective role in European philanthropy, pointing to a new constituency of practitioners who are seeking effective solutions to current problems.

WINGS founder recognised for lifetime of outstanding service
Monica Patten led the community foundation movement for more than two decades, presiding over a period of unprecedented growth and acting as a champion of community philanthropy around the world.

AVPN Conference—intermediaries must be sustainable
Patsian Low (NVPC) suggests an exponential potential for using human capital intermediaries to help mainstream initiatives like CSR, but says intermediaries themselves have found sustainability a challenge.

Veterans Philanthropy Exchange shares best practices
Vikki Spruill (Council on Foundations) and First Lady Michelle Obama unveiled the new Veterans Philanthropy Exchange, an unprecedented clearinghouse for philanthropic funders to share best practices.

Looking back on Arab transitions, lessons to be learned
"Social movements and innovative solutions to crises and pressing social problems did not happen in the institutionalised sector, but rather did so in the informal space." Article by Heba Abou Shnief.

Are grantmaker associations improving social good?
"How have we contributed to addressing the most acute problems plaguing our societies? How have we contributed to creating a more just and equitable world?" Article by Christen Dobson.

Contributing your data for public good
"Data promotes transparency, enhances visibility of the sector’s work, and gives a clearer picture of foundations’ work and how it fits into the existing philanthropic development landscape." Article by Esther Tan.

Attracting and nurturing the very best people
"I know how we in fact pay little attention to people in our everyday work. Foundations and grantmaking are about money. However, it’s high time to start realising it’s not all about this." Article by Agata Tomaszewska.

WINGS report: Infrastructure in Focus
Infrastructure in Focus: A Global Picture of Organizations Serving Philanthropy identifies four elements that help build and share common values: data, best practices, impact measurement, and communication.

Charity and Philanthropy in Russia, China, India, and Brazil
The new report by Joan Spero builds awareness and understanding of the diversity and challenges of philanthropy in the so-called BRIC countries.

Venture Philanthropy In Development
This netFWD study looks at the drivers that led a number of philanthropic organizations to (re)define their operating model associated with the commonly used term of "venture philanthropy".

J.P. Morgan and GIIN 3rd annual impact investment survey
This report reveals the outlook of 99 impact investors, including fund managers, foundations, diversified financial institutions and other investors with at least USD 10 million committed to impact investment.

28 May, WIINGS Webinar - Charity and Philanthropy in the BRICS :: Join us for a conversation with Joan Spero, author of the new report that presents a comparative picture of giving in the BRIC countries.

4-6 Jun, Takaful 2014 - Fourth Annual Conference on Arab Philanthropy and Civic Engagement :: An annual opportunity for a multi-disciplinary community of scholars and practitioners to interact around important topics.

8-10 Jun, COF Annual Conference :: COF members can network with leaders across the philanthropic field to elevate the broader goals and concerns of the sector.

12-13 Jun, SROI Network Conference, Milan :: Learn how social value can create change through cross-sector case studies. [agenda , register]

13 Jun, New Geography of Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment :: Head to Paris to discuss trends in venture philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and social investment. Email to register.

23-26 July, 2014 Nexus Global Youth Summit on Innovative Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship :: Participation by invitation and application only. Space is limited so apply soon.

24-26 Sep, IFIP World Summit on Indigenous Philanthropy :: Following the UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples (WCIP), IFIP will host its biggest event ever in New York City.

20-21 Oct, Philanthropy in Asia Summit :: This invitation-only event will challenge business-as-usual through fresh perspectives stemming from creativity, artistry and social passion.

Click here for a list of main events in the WINGS global network.

The Foundation Center is inviting the sector to give feedback on proposed changes to its Philanthropy Classification System by 23rd May.

Join the CF Atlas project, the world’s first comprehensive atlas of the community foundation movement. Start by taking the 7 minute survey.

International Human Rights Funders Group invites grantmakers to submit proposals on topics related to human rights and human rights funding for its New York 2014 Institute, which will take place on 14 July.

Alliance Publishing Trust is accepting applications for its newly expanded role of Marketing & Advertising Officer. Deadline is 30 May.

Social Venture Partners Network Office is seeking a Manager of Online Services. Application deadline is 26 May.

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