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October 2012 eNewsletter

Philanthropy Data Project

We’d like to thank our network participants who updated their organisations’ profiles. Your participation is incredibly important and valued. The information provided will be analysed and we’ll soon have a better picture of the network, enhancing your knowledge on the sector and your peers. If you haven’t updated your profile yet, please do so by logging in at our website—it only takes a few minutes but the results will have a lasting impact. more »

Call for Nominations 2013

We're seeking experienced, committed and skilled individuals to lead WINGS into the future. Are you a WINGS member? Would you like to participate in the governance of WINGS? We're committed to building a board that is representative of its membership and regional diversity. Build with us. Call for Nominations »

Engaging Corporation

Our latest toolkit, Engaging Corporation, provides suggestions on how to engage based on stories from our network members. toolkit online »

Shifting Trends Forum

Noshir H. Dadrawala, CEO of Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy, calls the recent targeting of non-profit organisations by the Ministry of Home Affairs in India "a violation of natural justice." Weigh in at our forum »

Foundation Center

The new report, A different kind of wealth: mapping a baseline of African community foundations, lays a baseline for the field and tells the beginning of an important story about a new generation of local philanthropic institutions emerging in Africa. Download the GFCF report from our Knowledge Center today.


In the past three decades, the global citizen sector, led by social entrepreneurs, has grown exponentially. Ashoka's new monthly e-newsletter, Changemaking, brings stories and perspectives of changemakers around the world. more »

The Foundation Center is now offering free Philanthropy In/Sight maps to grantmakers that participate in the Center's eGrant Reporting Program, and is hosting a series of webinars to explain the new program. more »

Philanthropy In Quote

"One of the biggest challenges of our work—and the critique of our products and services we hear most often—is directly related to the fact that it's difficult to get our hands on foundation data quickly enough to make these tools as useful as they need to be." Jeff Falkenstein, Foundation Center more »

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Big data can generate big brainstorms

Leveraging the benefits of big data is on everyone's mind these days, and it's no small task. Now several Italian organisations, led by Assifero, have developed a tool that just might make the job a little easier. Assifero General Secretary Bernardino Casadei: "Francis Dashboard is a pilot project that makes use of Microsoft Excel. The tool's features—treeviews, Gantt and PERT charts, pivot tables—give grantmakers full control of project structure and cycle. The idea is to help philanthropy professionals improve their ideas and plans." more »

Our world of philanthropy

The Resource Alliance World of Philanthropy forum in Holland brought together a diverse group of actors who have a role to play in shaping the future of global philanthropy. Several WINGS members attended the event. Topics included working towards a shared agenda; setting goals post-2015; addressing poverty with impact investing, market-based solutions and social entrepreneurship; and fostering local philanthropy to reduce dependency on aid. more »

Philanthropy In Asia Summit 2012 recap

In this WINGS video, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre CEO Laurence Lien points out that lively discussions were just the beginning of a widely successful event, adding that participants—in all 176 delegates from 17 countries—demonstrated a willingness to build a strong philanthropic community in the region. watch now »

A social sector powered by information

Markets for Good is an initiative to discover how the social sector can better use and share information to drive outcomes and change lives. Too often, we don't have the information we need to make the best decisions about how to run our organisations, raise funds, make grants or manage programs. The initiative has started an open discussion about how to better create, use, and share information in the sector. more »

Good data for big capital

Sarah Gelfand, Director of the Global Impact Investing Network, was featured in the September 2012 issue of Alliance magazine. She writes: "Data alone will not solve the world's problems, but it would be foolish not to take advantage of the ability to collect, aggregate, analyse and learn from it in the current age of Big Data. Philanthropy's history of addressing the world's most pressing challenges is important, but unfortunately grant capital remains a limited resource in the face of today's social and environmental problems." more »


What is the 15/15/15 Initiative? The 15/15/15 UN Civil Society Resource Mobilization Partnership Formula states that global civil society on the one hand commits at Rio+20 to mobilise 15 billion Euros and 15 million volunteers by the year 2015 for UN-led sustainable development efforts, and on the other hand requests new forms of participation in global SD governance. Miroslav Polzer, Secretary General of the IAAI and Facilitator of Rio+20 Issues Cluster "Innovation", says the Conference on Sustainabile Development is expected to be the biggest event in UN history: "Can Rio+20 deliver on these high expectations? My answer is: Yes." more »

AGN Assembly | Explore what's new, what's now, and what's next in the field of African philanthropy and social investment during AGN's biennial assembly. 29 October to 2 November register »

Accountability In International Philanthropy workshop | Following a successful workshop in Cairo, WINGS will host an African/Arab Region regional workshop in Johannesburg, at the African Grantmakers Network Assembly. 2 November more »

Social Good Brazil | Held in Florianópolis, Brazil and via live stream worldwide, this international seminar will bring together influential minds, social entrepreneurs, innovators and business and community leaders from all over the country to explore the ideas and actions that make the world a better place. 6-8 November more »

SVP Conference 2012: Audacious Philanthropy | Don't miss this annual opportunity to convene in Portland, Oregon, with like-minded peers to collaborate, listen, learn and leverage. 8-10 November register »

CEMEFI Reunion | CEMEFI's next annual conference will address impact investment and we'd like your input. If you're interested in the topic or have suggestions for speakers or material, let us know. 12-14 November more »

8th EVPA Annual Conference | The 2012 conference in Dublin, Ireland, asks, "Backing the change-makers in a time of uncertainty: can we do more?" 13-14 November register »

The 2012 IWRM | Now in its third year, the IWRM Africa boasts an outstanding speaker lineup of 20 international fundraising experts, attracting hundreds of participants from more than 25 countries across Africa and beyond. 17-30 November register »

SIAA Annual Conference | This one-day conference of workshops, panel debates and discussions will cover issues like the relationship between analyst, charity and donor, how to market impact analysis, and future opportunities for the profession. 22 November register »

GFCF Consultant | The Global Fund for Community Foundations is looking for a consultant to support the next phase of its development as an essential piece of the infrastructure for the global community philanthropy field. more »

The Acumen Fund Global Fellows Program is a development program for emerging leaders dedicated to addressing Pakistan's most pressing social problems. Applications are now being accepted until 16 November. more »

ACSEP Research Associate | The Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy is looking to hire a new research associate. Closing date for applications is 16 November. more »

The Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize is now accepting nominations. The prize will be awarded to an individual who has demonstrated remarkable leadership, creativity and results in developing philanthropy for progressive social change in an emerging market country or countries. more »

Global Innovation Contest | As part of its centennial anniversary, Lockheed Martin has announced a worldwide innovation contest with cash rewards totaling US$50,000. more »


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