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October 2014 eNewsletter

"WINGS has come a long way from its roots in a meeting in Mexico in 1998 with 25 countries represented, almost entirely from Europe and North America." David Cutler, Baring Foundation

WINGS Updates

WINGS Chairman Dr. Atallah Kuttab will receive an award for Excellence in Philanthropy for his contributions in the Arab region and globally.

New WINGS Members

We'd like to welcome California Community Foundation (CCF) and Funding Information Service (FIS) to the WINGS network! Explore our interactive map.

November Peer Learning Event, South Africa

Join us in Johannesburg in November for a discussion on Local Cultures of Giving.

Storytelling through Data

Our latest webinar addresses the challenges of collecting and sharing data in the sector.

Philanthropy Infrastructure

Last month we used the 4Cs framework to assess philanthropy infrastructure.

Pro Bono Australia

The Global Philanthropy Data Charter is helping the sector understand the opportunities for engaging in global development.

UNDP 'storified' tweets from our recent Post 2015 meeting at the Ford Foundation in New York.

Giving in Numbers 2014 Ed

CECP and The Conference Board have released an in-depth analysis of 2013 corporate giving and employee engagement data from 261 leading companies.

WFF 5th Anniversary Report

The World Future Foundation motto, "for our world, for our future", reflects its founders’ ambitions and aspirations. Download the report here.

GrantCraft, a Foundation Center service, harnesses the practical wisdom of funders worldwide to provide free resources that improve the practice of philanthropy.

NEW! The redesigned Alliance website offers a clean, modern reader experience for the philanthropy professional.

Alliance magazine features articles by key thinkers from around the world. WINGS members get a 20% discount on new subscriptions.

Philanthropy In Quote

"There is good news about civil society activity in my country, but there is also concern about how sustainable and effective the social sector really is. Can several hundred thousand organizations with no paid staff and little funding provide the support and services that many of Brazil’s 190 million citizens desperately need?" Leonardo Letelier, SITAWI

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Download our latest report, Infrastructure in Focus - A Special Look at Organizations Serving Community Philanthropy, and join the Global Philanthropy Data Charter online today.

Philanthropy infrastructure in focus
October Dispatch looks at philanthropy infrastructure around the world with a number of reports, including our brand new look at organizations serving community philanthropy. We also look at social investment and innovation in the sector, and we celebrate the launch of the Community Foundation Atlas, the first online platform of its kind.

Strengthening infrastructure through endowments
Paula Jancso Fabiani (IDIS) explains how a comprehensive endowment fund law in Brazil will strengthen philanthropy infrastructure there, and what makes endowments "very important for sustainability in the future."

Community Foundation Atlas launches
This month an international research collaboration unveiled the Community Foundation Atlas, the most comprehensive directory of the world’s community foundation movement ever published.

The European Day of Foundations and Donors
More than 16 countries contributed to a wide variety of events that offered the public insights into the invaluable and diverse work of foundations. The day aims to promote the idea of donating.

Talent for more innovative philanthropy
Employee engagement is inextricably linked to organizational excellence. To adapt and thrive, philanthropy must invest in developing the sector’s people and talent, according to a recent Alliance magazine feature.

Eleanor Roosevelt and data post-2015
Foundation Center and WINGS led a recent session on data that looks at how current projects like the Global Philanthropy Data Charter can help give an accurate picture of development progress.

The role of technology for social change
Social Good Brazil promotes the use of technology, social media and innovative thinking to solve social problems. Registration now open, the international event will transmit online via live stream in November.

Infrastructure in Focus: Community Philanthropy
This WINGS report shares new data on CP infrastructure organizations, suggesting how our practice and knowledge about them can improve.

Research on Individual Giving in Russia
This new report from CAF presents research on giving in Russia, analysing common giving patterns and habits in the country.

10 Innovations in Global Philanthropy Concepts
Leading experts identify innovations from around the world that are helping to grow the sector and ensure that resources are used effectively.

Summary Report from Latin America and the Caribbean
This report from PSJP maps an emerging body of foundations that are facilitating structural and systemic transformation in the region.

Of Narratives, Networks and New Spaces
An overview of philanthropy infrastructure in Africa, this report suggests the sector is small, but growing in numbers and diversity of offering.

17-18 Nov, WINGS PLE :: Join WINGS and Southern Africa Trust in Johannesburg to discuss local cultures of giving.

Nov, Webinar :: Arab Foundations Forum and WINGS will share tips on how to strengthen your fundraising proposals.

26 Oct - 11 Dec, Nexus Global Youth Summit :: Join regional and global events in Australia, Thailand, the US and the inaugural Rwanda event.

11-12 Nov, SROI Practitioner Training :: Interested in measuring social investment return? Join SROI Network in London for a special course.

5-6 Nov, Social Good Brasil :: Get connected with the social good movement in Brazil and the world.

6 Nov, Brazilian Philanthropy Forum :: Save the date! Join discussions in São Paulo, Brazil on Innovation and Impact in Philanthropy.

6 Nov, AVPN webinar :: Learn more about the social investing landscape in India from an investor perspective.

17-18 Nov, EVPA Annual Conference :: Meet in Berlin for 'Collaborating for Social Impact: the next 10 years'

19-21 Nov, Community Knowledge Exchange Summit :: Join this open approach to building community knowledge, hosted by the CFC.

19-25 Nov, CIVICUS International Civil Society Week 2014 :: Join more than 20 events organized by leading CSOs from around the world.

26-28 Jan, IHRFG San Francisco and Pre-Conference Institute :: Explore critical issues in human rights at this annual event.

15-16 Apr, Philanthropy New Zealand Summit 2015 :: Get inspired with leaders, innovators and practitioners.

7-9 May, CFC 2015 Conference :: Save the date for a unique learning opportunity with community philanthropy leaders from around the world.

Click here for a list of main events in the WINGS global network.

[more] Join the Global Philanthropy Data Charter and take a step forward in promoting informed desion-making in the sector.

[more] Take the Community Foundation Atlas survey and share your organization’s work with a worldwide audience. Time is limited.

[more] Submit a proposal by 14 Feb 2015 to the ANSER-ARES Conference in Canada, which looks at civil society, nonprofit practice and more.

[more] Two new books from Lester Salamon examine a revolution under way in social- and environmental-purpose financing.

[more] Gates Foundation's Grand Challenges Explorations awards innovation worldwide. Apply by 12 November.

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