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October 2015 Newsletter

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Network Events

Philanthropy Southwest 2015 Annual Conference
22-24 Oct, Santa Fe US

SVP, Audacious Philanthropy
22-24 Oct, Seattle US

AFE, Private Resources for Social Transformation
26 Oct, Livestream Online

African Philanthropy Forum Conference
26-27 Oct, Rwanda

AGAG, Tools to understand funding landscapes in Africa
28 Oct, Webinar Online

5th Annual Takaful
4-5 Nov, Abu Dhabi

Seminario Social Good Brasil
12-13 Nov, Florianópolis

Data Charter Workshop
More Info Soon
16-17 Nov, Cape Town

Emerging Societies Emerging Philanthropies Forum
23-24 Nov, Beijing

IPASA Annual Symposium
30 Nov-1 Dec, South Africa

EVPA Annual Conference
1-2 Dec, Madrid

The Conference Board, Strategic Community Impact
1-2 Dec, New York City

Philanthropy Support Orgs
More Info Soon
14-15 Dec, Istanbul

Full conference list here.

Strategic Community Impact Symposium, New York City 

In December, The Conference Board will showcase inspiring practices in corporate community involvement from both inside and outside the company, including innovative partnerships with non-profits, and government and community leaders. View the updated agenda. Save the date by 31st October and save $100, then use code WI200 to receive a $200 discount on registration.

New map and data portal: Foundation Maps for Early Childhood Development in East Africa and Equal Footing share data on philanthropic funding and resources in Africa.

FREE TO READ! How to open space for philanthropy. View and subscribe. Alliance magazine features articles by key thinkers from around the world. WINGS members get a 20% discount on subscriptions.

Issue 9 of Philanthropy Impact Magazine explores the challenges and opportunities of transnational giving, including regulations, legal issues, tax and politics.

Philanthropy In Quote

"Inequality is really the 'what' and 'why' of what we will focus on, but there’s also the question of what organizations need 'more of' in order to be able to do their work effectively." Ford Foundation’s Hilary Pennington on its new philanthropy programme

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Moving forward with the 2030 Global Agenda
This issue highlights the UN SDGs and the role of philanthropy in the new global agenda, and we share new reports and upcoming global events.

WINGS Updates

Submit a nomination for upcoming WINGS board elections
Maria Chertok (CAF) will assume chairmanship in 2016
WINGS joined discussions on Post-2015 Agenda and SDGs
Emerging Markets Forum will host Olga Prize ceremony
New Member: Philanthropy Australia
Webinars: SDG Philanthropy Platform (video)
Regions: New regional newsletters for Africa and Latin America


WINGS current and future chairs reflect on its evolution
Maria Chertok (CAF) will take the role of WINGS Chairperson in January 2016, succeeding Dr. Atallah Kuttab of SAANED. We asked them to reflect on the evolution of WINGS and to share what’s in store for the network.


UN General Assembly: Global Goals for Sustainable Development
Philanthropy leaders call for greater role in Global Goals
New SDG philanthropy platform launches
How donors can combat corruption to meet SDGs health goals
Youth Philanthropy Forum on SDGs
Social Good Summit addresses United Nations' goals
Protecting and ensuring space for civil society
Mott Foundation strengthens civil society in war-torn Europe
OECD netFWD celebrates 3rd anniversary
European Day of Foundations and Donors highlights diversity
C20 Summit: 500+ civil society representatives from 52 countries
Post-2015 Partnership Platform event in Colombia (video)
Ford shifts grantmaking to focus entirely on inequality
Meet Xu Yongguang, Olga Prize finalist

Knowledge Center

Robert Bosch Stiftung: Perspectives on Arab and Global Philanthropy
Synergos on working together: Connecting the Missing Link
Sustainable Development Goals: Are the Rich Countries Ready?

Resources supports philanthropy's participation in the SDGs
CF Atlas identifies 1,800+ CP organizations in 70 countries
Community Foundations of Canada Vital Signs Annual Report
The Index of Philanthropic Freedom 2015
GIIN introduces the Impact Investing Benchmark
Palgrave Handbook of Global Philanthropy
UN Sustainable Development Goals (video)
Message to CAF America donors on good faith determinations
Grantmaking strategies for improving LGBTQ health


Submit your "Research on Teaching Third Sector Studies" abstract
BPP seeks consultant for bilateral funding research
Help map the sector's response to the refugee crisis

The December Alliance magazine special feature will investigate philanthropy’s role in implementing the UN SDGs. Stay tuned for results on a recent survey to see how your work will be affected.

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