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September 2014 eNewsletter

"If we come together at the level of broad principles and the desire to be transparent, we can make something happen that makes philanthropy much more effective in a way that we’ve never had the possibility before." Larry McGill, VP of Research, Foundation Center

Join us in welcoming our new programme intern! Julia Cestari Santos is an undergraduate in International Relations. She participated in the Harvard National Model of United Nations and represented youth at Y8 Summit 2013 in London. Welcome, Julia!

Leadership Transitions

Paula Jancso Fabiani has taken over from Marcos Kisil as president of IDIS in Brazil; the C.S. Mott Foundation recently announced Emmett Carson of SVCF as its first chair on CF; and Mona Chun will replace Michael Hirschhorn as executive director of IHRFG next month.

Philanthropy Infrastructure

Our webinar presents the 4Cs framework to assess the value of philanthropy infrastructure.

The Cleveland Foundation has collaborated with GFCF, the Foundation Center and WINGS to launch the Community Foundation Atlas, the first online platform of its kind. Coming in October.

The Mentenda Initiative in Kenya builds community partnerships to help young men become leaders.

What is the power of community knowledge? Join the first Community Knowledge Exchange Summit, a special event hosted by the CFC.

Technology bridges communities. Eligible organizations can now request donations of credit vouchers or subscriptions for Microsoft's Skype.

More Foundation Center services: New GrantCraft website; IssueLab leads by example.

NEW! News, opinion and more in the Alliance September issue.

Alliance magazine features articles by key thinkers from around the world. WINGS members get 20% discount on new subscriptions.

Philanthropy In Quote

"[Mott has] long been impressed by the simplicity and the power that underlies the community foundation concept, which is to create a local vehicle that can empower the residents of a community to support causes close to home and close to the heart." William S. White, C.S. Mott Foundation

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Answer our poll and find out the top priorities of community philanthropy orgs around the world. Navigate our interactive network map, and search WINGS members by services provided, budget, and more. Download the Data Charter in Chinese, Portuguese and Russian.

100 Years of community foundations in the US
This issue of Dispatch celebrates the centennial of the Cleveland Foundation, the first community foundation in the US, with updates from every region of the world. We share our latest webinar on the value of philanthropy infrastructure, and we feature reports and sector initiatives aimed at strengthening community philanthropy worldwide.

Communities building resilience to global challenges
Maxwell Young (Rockefeller Foundation) explains how local communities can lead the 100 Resilient Cities effort to build urban resilience worldwide, and how the cities themselves are part of a growing global network.

From bureaucracies to people-centered institutions
Jenny Hodgson (GFCF) shares her thoughts on the Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy (GACP), and on what the new Community Foundation Atlas means for the movement.

Focus groups connect in Colombia and around the world
WINGS Chairman Atallah Kuttab invites members to read and comment on learnings from four recent focus group discussions in Colombia, and shares plans for similar consultations in other regions over the coming months.

Good data for greater impact
WINGS’ Ana Pinho explains the Global Philanthropy Data Charter’s ambitions in a recent blog for Markets for Good, a joint effort by the Gates Foundation and Liquidnet to improve data and information in the sector.

20 Years of community foundations in Visegrad countries
Community foundations in Visegrad countries are the result of building civil society after 1989. These foundations serve as a neutral space—the bridge that connects donors and community—and each has different roots.

Supporting community foundations in times of conflict
This WINGSForum 2014 flashback from PSJP features presentations by Avila Kilmurray (CF Northern Ireland), Ambika Satkunanthan (NTT), Jane Humphries (CFC), Barry Knight (CENTRIS), and more.

International Giving
Explore how the cultural identity of donors in the UK is combining with philanthropic innovation to create an exciting blend.

Local Philanthropy of Federal Importance
This 2014 report financed by Mott Foundation examines the current state of community philanthropy in Russia.

Corporate Giving by the FTSE 100
This 2014 CAF report aims to establish the state of corporate giving amongst some of the UK’s largest companies.

The Case for Community Philanthropy
This GFCF report considers the drive of local people to help each other, a naturally occurring asset found in all societies and cultures.

21-22 Sep, 5th Annual Social Good Summit NYC :: This year's theme is Connecting for Good, Connecting for All.

24-26 Sep, IFIP World Summit on Indigenous Philanthropy :: IFIP will host its biggest event ever following the UN WCIP in New York City.

2 Oct, Foundations: From Privatization to Common Good :: Learn about Philanthropication thru Privatization in Milan.

7 Oct, AVPN Webinar :: Learn how to link socio-economic impact measurement and business strategy.

13-15 Oct, XII Iberoamerican Civil Society Conference :: Assess roles, aspirations and development potential in civil society in Pueblo, Mexico.

16-18 Oct, SVP Audacious Philanthropy :: Join venture philanthropists and entrepreneurs from around the world.

18 Oct, COF Fall Conference for Community Foundations :: Centennial celebration with nation's first community foundation, Cleveland Foundation. See why you should attend—download the benefits toolkit.

20-21 Oct, Philanthropy in Asia Summit :: Invitation-only event offers fresh perspectives stemming from creativity, artistry and social passion.

20-22 Oct, PFC 2014 Conference :: Explore issues facing Canada in the 21st century through a lens of collaboration and philanthropic innovation.

21 Oct, GrantSpace Webinar :: Demystify the world of crowdfunding, specifically for people and organizations in the arts world.

21-23 Oct, 10th Meeting of the CPLP Foundations :: Join discussions on Post-2015 sustainable development (Portuguese).

26 Oct - 11 Dec, Nexus Global Youth Summit :: Join regional and global events in Australia, Thailand, the US and the inaugural Rwanda event.

5-6 Nov, Social Good Brasil :: Get connected with the social good movement in Brazil and the world.

6 Nov, Brazilian Philanthropy Forum :: Save the date! Join discussions in São Paulo, Brazil on Innovation and Impact in Philanthropy.

19-21 Nov, Community Knowledge Exchange Summit :: Join this open approach to building community knowledge, hosted by the CFC.

19-25 Nov, CIVICUS International Civil Society Week 2014 :: More than 20 events organized by leading CSOs from around the world.

15-16 Apr, Philanthropy NZ Summit 2015 :: Get inspired with leaders, innovators and practitioners. Early-bird registration through 30 September.

7-9 May, CFC 2015 Conference :: Save the date for a unique learning opportunity with community philanthropy leaders from around the world.

Click here for a list of main events in the WINGS global network.

CSOs are invited to upload their fiscal year 2013 data to CEMEFI's Transparency Portal by 30 September.

IHRFG is inviting grantmakers to submit proposals on human rights for its 2015 SF Conference and Pre-Conf. Institute. Apply by 10 October.

Register your charity to be featured on Good2Give, CAF's innovative cloud-based platform that makes workplace giving simple.

Gates Foundation is inviting proposals for Grand Challenges Explorations, which has awarded grants in 58+ countries. Apply by 12 November.

Rockefeller Foundation's Global Resilience Design Challenge will invite solutions to resilience challenges in three focus regions. Get updates.

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