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September 2015 Newsletter

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Network Events

Volunteering Conference
22-23 Sep, Johannesburg

SDSN, International Conference on Sustainable Development
23-24 Sep, New York City

UK Community Foundations Conference
23-25 Sep, Belfast

IHRFG and AGAG, Data in Sub-Saharan Africa
30 Sep, Webinar Online

SVI Critical Mass Conference
19-20 Oct, London

Philanthropy Southwest 2015 Annual Conference
22-24 Oct, Santa Fe US

SVP, Audacious Philanthropy
22-24 Oct, Seattle US

African Philanthropy Forum Conference
26-27 Oct, Rwanda

5th Annual Takaful
4-5 Nov, Abu Dhabi

Seminario Social Good Brasil
12-13 Nov, Florianópolis

EVPA Annual Conference
1-2 Dec, Madrid

The Conference Board, Strategic Community Impact Symposium
1-2 Dec, New York City

Full conference list here.

Strategic Community Impact Symposium, New York City 

In December, The Conference Board will showcase inspiring practices in corporate community involvement from both inside and outside the company, including innovative partnerships with non-profits, and government and community leaders. View the updated agenda. Save the date by 31st October and save $100, then use code WI200 to receive a $200 discount on registration.

Foundation Center has released the first-ever analysis of US foundation support globally for nonprofit and philanthropic infrastructure orgs and services.

NEW! The September 2015 issue of Alliance magazine explores A changing landscape: philanthropy the world over. The first group of articles, with Atallah Kuttab as guest editor, looks at how different types of philanthropy are developing in different regions. View and subscribe. Alliance magazine features articles by key thinkers from around the world. WINGS members get a 20% discount on new subscriptions.

Issue 9 of Philanthropy Impact Magazine explores the challenges and opportunities of transnational giving, including regulations, legal issues, tax and politics.

Philanthropy In Quote

"The meeting gave me clearly the conviction that diversity is not something we should be afraid of but something we should celebrate." Dr. Atallah Kuttab on the Perspectives on Arab & Global Philanthropy workshop in Berlin (video)

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Balancing an ecosystem of philanthropies
This issue highlights the importance of partnerships, with a special focus on local cultures, cross-border giving, and global sustainability.

WINGS Updates

Maria Chertok (CAF) will assume chairmanship in 2016
WINGS to join discussions on Post-2015 Agenda and SDGs
New Member: Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy
Webinars: Cultures of Giving (video)
Forums: Local Cultures of Giving, Berlin meeting (video)
Portraits: Karolina Mzyk Callias, UNDP (video)
Regions: New regional newsletters for Africa and Latin America
Toolkits: Transparency & Accountability now available in Spanish
Press Room: New feed highlights WINGS in the media


Atallah Kuttab — An ecosystem of philanthropies
Dr. Atallah Kuttab (SAANED) is promoting a better understanding of local practices and philanthropy discourse — a trend he hopes will create a "truly global philanthropy enriched with its diversity".

Hanna Surmatz — FATF will continue constructive engagement
Hanna Surmatz (EFC) updates the network on recent developments with FATF’s improved and structured dialogue with the NPO sector.

Giving circles — newcomers to the Asian philanthropy landscape
Rob John (NUS ASCEP) previews the project that will set the stage for a network of circles to collaborate on solutions to complex issues in Asia.

Transparency donors, opaque grantees — high time for a nudge
Dr. Hans Gutbrod (Transparify) says donors can improve transparency by making it "the new default setting" on grant application forms.


Arab region — from social giving to social change? | Atallah Kuttab
Meeting on private social investment and the SDGs | GIFE
Call for more transnational histories of philanthropy | Thomas Adam
We’re there when you need us | Foundation Center
The Arab Facilitator Network (AFN) | Ebba Augustin
Transnational giving — going global | Rupert Strachwitz
Egyptian like me | Tessa Litecky
Western balkans and cross-border collaboration | Otar Makharashvili
Is there such a thing as a ‘career in philanthropy’? | John Harvey
An index we really need | Lucy Bernholz
Meet Marta Cabrera, Olga Prize finalist | Alliance magazine
Meet Celso Grecco, Olga Prize finalist | Alliance magazine
Meet Alina Porumb, Olga Prize finalist | Alliance magazine
Meet Rohini Nilekani, Olga Prize finalist | Alliance magazine
Meet Nina Samarina, Olga Prize finalist | Alliance magazine

Knowledge Center

Robert Bosch Stiftung: Perspectives on Arab and Global Philanthropy
Synergos on working together: Connecting the Missing Link
Sustainable Development Goals: Are the Rich Countries Ready?
Social Misfits guide: What’s Data Got To Do With It?


CF Atlas identifies 1,800+ CP organizations in 70 countries
UBS/PwC 2015 Billionaire Report (includes video)
Palgrave Handbook of Global Philanthropy
UN Sustainable Development Goals (video)
Portland Communications: The Soft Power 30 report
UNHCR: Initial Response Plan for the Refugee Crisis in Europe
Help improve Foundation Center’s Glasspockets web site
New website from Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)
Idealware: Report on the Marketplace for Nonprofit Apps
Global Daily: News on global goals and development agenda


Take this Alliance survey to see how the SDGs will affect your work
Submit your "Research on Teaching Third Sector Studies" abstract
BPP seeks consultant for bilateral funding research
Request for Proposals: IHRFG San Francisco Conference
Help map the sector's response to the refugee crisis

The December Alliance magazine special feature will investigate philanthropy’s role in implementing the UN SDGs. Take this survey to see how the goals will influence your work.

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