Organizational Sustainability



The principles for collaboration developed by The Winnipeg Foundation summarize what we must look for in networking and partnerships.

Statement of the Winnipeg Foundation

We are jointly developing principles for collaboration, and based on a workshop held in July 2009 I’d like to summarize these:

  1. Any collaboration must have clear objectives

    • Clearly identify roles and responsibilities which are managed within the collaboration as opposed to responsibilities managed by individual foundations
    • Fall within the mission and purpose of each community foundation
    • Must include mutually agreed goals
    • Have an exit strategy in the event the collaboration ceases to exist
    • Be clear about time requirements from all stakeholders

  2. Any collaboration must be flexible, open, and transparent

    • Include a mechanism for a comprehensive evaluation
    • Be proactive not reactive
    • Accountability for collaboration, hopefully at modest cost
    • Include mechanisms for input into decisions and decision-making
    • Have a flexible and equitable design to allow community foundations to opt-in or –out depending on local needs

  3. Any collaboration must assist community foundations to achieve locally set goals/objectives

    • Create options for communities and community foundations
    • Improve present status of community foundation
    • Increase endowment building
    • Increase awareness of local community foundations
    • Enhance services offered to the donors and community at large
    • Provide resources to help communities lead themselves

  4. Any collaboration must demonstrate greater benefit than cost

    • Be affordable
    • Relieve demands on volunteers
    • Reduce administrative burden
    • Reduce administrative efforts so the strategic initiatives can take precedence
    • Cost saving
    • Demonstrate a beneficial step forward
    • Be a ‘value addition’ to organizations

  5. Any collaboration must respect and celebrate uniqueness among community foundations

    • Be respectful of individual foundation characteristics and opinions
    • Enable community foundations to retain their individuality and identity
    • Allow community foundations to remain independent

  6. Any collaboration must foster trust and teamwork

    • Collaboration should not impose the will and ideas of others

  7. Any collaboration must have agreement and commitment from all stakeholders

    • Be good for communities now and in future

  8. Any collaboration must include open and regular lines of communication

    • Provide accessible information

Similarly, gives the following stages of network or alliance formation.