Organizational Sustainability


In the PLEs, the participants agreed that sustainable organizations carry out relevant and effective programs. By this is meant that sustainable organizations have systematic activities to achieve their vision and mission, as well as their bottom lines. They are crucial to maintaining the membership or clientele and in making them see the organization’s role and importance; as such, they must be relevant and attractive to the needs of the members. Therefore, sustainable organizations do not just “run after opportunities but create them”; they must be able “to run existing programs effectively and to develop new ones” to serve their members’ and clients’ needs.

It goes without saying that for programs to be effective, they must be relevant and responsive. They must meet or satisfy, and respond to, the members’ or communities’ needs and goals. They are timely and in tune with the demands of the moment.

Research and experience show that effective programs are both the engine and the fuel of an organization, whether primary or council. Without programs, an organization cannot fulfill its vision, mission and goals; neither can it attract members.

Programs may be understood as a set of concepts that describes how an organization intends to meet needs and goals of its constituents or members. It is the framework for the field activities or the projects of the organization. They “tie up the various activities to achieve your VMG.”1 Thus, they also establish standards or uniformity in project implementation or fieldwork.

Some examples are:

  1. Conducting capability building activities
  2. Developing and instituting a referral system
  3. Helping in resource generation and mobilization
  4. Performing representation and facilitating linkages
  5. Providing technical assistance and consultancy services
  6. Providing and managing networking opportunities
  7. Acting as a clearinghouse

1Philippine Council for NGO Accreditation. Guidebook on the Basics of NGO Governance. Manila: No Date.