Organizational Sustainability



Ufadhili Trust felt that to be of better value and deliver better services to its stakeholders, it had to fine tune its vision, mission and values within the context of its environment and thereby improve its relevance. Thus it endeavored to understand and incorporate its stakeholders’ needs and fine-tune its mandate, vision mission, core values, and strategic objectives to meet these needs.

The Council on Foundations raised the issue of relevance in terms of increasing membership. Thus it plans to conduct a series of steps to accomplish these, including calling a sample group of community foundations to find out their needs and passions, and developing a communication program and outreach strategy for non-members.

The Dalia Association believes that for it to succeed in Palestine, it should make people believe in its role and importance and therefore plans a series of activities on identifying how it could become relevant.

The Southern African Community Grantmaker Leadership Cooperative (SAGLC) wanted to establish its relevance by carrying out an evaluation to ask the members whether or not they wanted the cooperative to continue. The evaluation covered questions on the value the members attached to the cooperative, what they wanted from the cooperative in the next phase, and how they could contribute to its functioning.

Assifero. “If members are like donors, if we are able to tap into their passions, they will be willing to share them with other members providing new services and increasing their engagement”. It tried to meet its members needs by establishing a virtual office, and in the process reduced its cost of providing services.

Czech Association of Community Foundations intends to develop a program that will encourage long-term partnership (personal relations) among the participants of a benefit action, including staff and volunteers.

Kenya Community Development Foundation wants to be relevant to young people. Thus it plans to identify stories that resonate with young people (e.g. sexy, hip), they could convince donors and young people to contribute towards growing the KCDF fund.

Cahul Community Foundation. Responsible officials of the CCF holds the view that synchronizing its programs with the development plans of local public administration (LPA) is an important aspect of the Foundation’s sustainability. Hence in their PLE sessions they found practicality in setting up a working group CCF and LPA for concretizing collaboration.