Organizational Sustainability


Yes No Gap Source of Gap


1. Is our vision clear?
2. Does it fulfill a social need?
3. Is it understood in the same way by everyone?
4. Vis-à-vis environmental scan and organizational diagnosis, is it realistic and attainable?
5. Does it reflect my organization‘s core values?
6. Does it inspire and motivate, even in hard times?
7. Can all the organization's primary stakeholders relate to it?
8. Does it state what my organization wishes to become?
9. Does it project an attractive future for the organization and/or its clients/partners?

Yes No Gap Source of Gap


1. Is our mission statement clear?
2. Is it understandable to all my primary stakeholders?
3. Does it carry out my organization‘s vision statement?
4. Does it define my organization?
Does it set it apart from other organizations?
5. Does it state what my organization commits to do?
6. Does it reflect my products and services?


1. Is our goal consistent with our vision and mission statements?
2. Is it clear?
3. Is it realistic and achievable?
4. Does it state a demonstrable result?
5. Is it measurable?
6. Does it have a timeframe?


1. Have our core values been articulated?
2. Have these been communicated?

After determining the gaps in your Vision-Mission-Goal statement, you are encouraged to address them. A suggested tool to do this follows. The “Milestones” in the tool refer to documents or situations that tell you are close to achieving your task, such as “Approval by the Board of the recommended revisions in the Vision Statement”.

Gap Source of Gap Critical Activities to Address Gap Persons to Involve in Addressing Gap Resources Needed to Address Gap Source of Resources Milestones Time frame
Gap 1              
Gap 2              
Gap 3              
Gap 4              
Gap 5              
Gap 6              
Gap 7              
Gap 8              
Gap 9              
Gap 10              

Suggested Activities

The following are activities you might wish to conduct as you work toward the clarity of your purpose and vision.

  1. Visioning Exercise
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Stakeholder Analysis and Participation/Consultation Process
  4. Formation of Board Strategic Planning Committee
  5. Conduct of Value Clarification Workshop
  6. Development of a Communication Plan