Organizational Sustainability


Participants to the PLEs all agree that an accountable and sustainable financial management system is a critical key to organizational sustainability. In fact, many said that in the past, organizational sustainability has been equated with financial viability. Of course, they have since realized this is not true, but the notion underscores the importance of a workable financial management system.

To the participants, a sound financial management system is a very important factor in fundraising. With adequate finances, one is freed from worrying about tomorrow and can focus, thus, more on accomplishing the organization’s mission.

According to them, the following characterize a transparent and sustainable financial system.

  • There is a budget.
  • There must be a noticeable decrease in operating costs.
  • There are creative, adequate and diversified income streams.
  • There are significant incomes from our own activities.
  • There is active and continuous seeking of funds to sustain new efforts

For those that give grants to local communities, the following were added:

  • Generating surplus from events so as to build funds for new grants
  • The ability to grow endowment sufficiently enough to strengthen our community so it can sustain itself without us
  • Finding the right fund and the right target group to fund

Sustainability can be enhanced by:

  • “Powerful” connections, that is, capitalizing on social capital
  • Local resource mobilization
  • “Smart leveraging of funds often works”
  • “We should be still in touch with donors”
  • Recognizing and publicizing gifts