Organizational Sustainability


A Resource Mobilization/Generation Plan is a document consisting of resources needed and resources available to ensure the continuity of projects and the organization. It consists of an analysis of these resources and a strategy and tactics (steps) on how to use them.

Characteristics of an Effective Resource Mobilization Plan

  • It is linked to the organization’s Vision, Mission and Goal.
  • It is forward-looking; for example, three years and beyond.
  • It has a goal, objectives, strategies, indicators and milestones.
  • It is realistic and has a timeframe.
  • It offers a wide range of choices and opportunities, such as
    • strategic alliances and networking
    • partnerships
    • joint ventures
    • finding proposals
    • grants
    • loans
    • endownments
    • fund-raising
    • generating community support
    • building community foundations
    • internal generation of funds such as
      • cost recovery schemes
      • service-for-a-fee schemes
      • sale of services
      • rental of facilities
      • sharing between organization and staff of consultancy fees
    • It is reviewed and updated regularly
    • It has the board's support; and there is a Board Resource Mobilization/Generation committee.
  • It is reviewed and updated regularly.
  • It has the board’s support; and there is a Board Resource Mobilization/Generation committee.

Important Points to Remember in Resource Generation

  1. Make sure you have a saleable product.
  2. Know your market and its segments.
  3. Make sure there is no conflict between your resource generation activities and your core values and ethics
  4. Report to your donors.