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4Cs Methodology
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The 4Cs Methodology

Peer Learning

The peer learning group did consider and test the comparative analytical tool – based on a subjective assessment of the state of the field in respect of each Outcome Area, and further work is being undertaken to develop this as a by-product of the Framework.  


The Process

The diversity and complexity the work of infrastructure support organizations and the environments within which they work is such that it is not possible, or desirable, to build a restrictive universal tool that fits all situations.

The 4Cs Framework and tool are not based on a rigid methology.

It is an enabling framework for adaptation and application. The Framework provides a comprehensive overarching structure recognizing 12 outcome areas that embrace the work of philanthropy infrastructure support organizations. The tool is a self and regional assessment that will help philanthropy infrastructure organizations better explain and visualize their value to the field.


The Framework offers descriptions of Outcome Areas, and samples of outcomes and indicators, which will help organizations applying the Framework define their own unique outcomes and set of indicators, and approach to assessment.


The Framework and Global Scale Rating tool do not facilitate direct aggregation or comparison between organizations or regions.


It does however provide the basis for a common approach and sharing of experience in AND results of application and thus contributes to peer learning and organizational development, and to the potential to build an evidence based narrative about the effectiveness and impact of philanthropy support organizations.


The schematic below shows how the 4Cs Framework and proposed global level assessment tool complement each other.

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