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WINGS is a network of more than 150 philanthropy associations,networks, academic institutions, support organizations, and funders, in 50 countries around the world whose purpose is to strengthen, promote and provide leadership on the development of philanthropy and social investment.



Unlock philanthropy’s potential by strengthening its ecosystem of support organizations

WINGS works to catalyze, accelerate, connect and influence the field of philanthropy support in order to promote and develop philanthropy and contribute to a more effective and diverse civil society.

Pursuing this mission through activities such as: producing and disseminating knowledge and data about the field of philanthropy in order to build the capacity of philanthropy actors, new and old; nurturing an interconnected network by promoting knowledge dissemination, joint projects, and regular exchange among WINGS members; expanding and diversifying the WINGS network to reflect the contemporary ecosystem; and building alliances with other civil society networks and key actors in the field such as the academic community, development actors, the private sector and funders interested in strategically engaging with the field of philanthropy.



A thriving global philanthropy field contributing for just, sustainable and democratic societies.


WINGS as a membership organization represents the transition from top-down/expert-led models to a democratic, distributed peer-learning model that creates and shares knowledge in a horizontal manner.

Within the ecosystem it works to promote, WINGS seeks to empower its members in particular, and the field of philanthropy support in general, through better interconnections and synergies, collectively created knowledge, impact evaluation and data about the field, transparency and good governance, collaboration, and development of common practice.

In addition to connecting the field and responding strategically to its needs, WINGS strives to usher in a new era by gaining more visibility and reach for philanthropy support organizations.  Strengthening its own voice and capacity to advocate by expanding its scope to represent all the actors involved in the promotion of philanthropy, including individual giving and social investment.



In working towards its mission, WINGS always strives to be:


  • Oriented towards systems change as opposed to institutional logics

  • Defending and promoting the key role of civil society, including philanthropy, as a key element of a democratic, sustainable and healthy society

  • Cross-sectoral, believing in the intersection of different sectors and actors and in the engagement of philanthropy with the broader society beyond its own circles

  • Open, committed to sharing data and making the power of knowledge accessible to all  

  • Diverse and inclusive of all forms of philanthropic expression and all sorts of actors making a significant public contribution to the development of philanthropy. As a global network it is very important for WINGS to ensure a sound geographic diversity in programmes, governance and membership

  • Accountable, transparent and self-critical, implementing high standards of governance, reporting and accountability for itself, its members and the broader field, and willing to address key issues such as power and transparency

  • Acknowledging power imbalances between different actors, eg between governments and civil society/philanthropy on enabling environment issues, between philanthropy and those it supports, and within philanthropy itself, as expressed in the #ShiftThePower narrative

  • Demonstrating thought leadership, identifying trends, challenging philanthropic actors, being brave and innovative when it comes to best serving civil society, social change and sustainable development.

R. Dr. Virgílio de Carvalho Pinto, 433 - Sala 7 São Paulo - SP – Brazil 

Tel. +55 11 3078-7299