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Latin American and Caribbean
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Latin American and Caribbean Affinity Group


The Latin America and Caribbean Affinity Group was created in 2017 before the WINGS Regional Meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean in Cartagena, Colombia. The purpose of the Group is to provide a flexible framework of exchange for philanthropy support organizations in the region. Its first role is to gather and articulate different experiences from members, exchange relevant information and initiatives, create a space for peer-learning and promote connections.

Chairs: Maria Carolina Suarez from IVPC and Andrea Hanai from IDIS.

The Group is formed by 59 members from 39 organizations in 11 countries.

ABCR - Brazilian Association of Fundraisers (Brazil)
AFE - Asociación de Fundaciones Empresariales (Colombia)
Alianza Peruana de Fundaciones y Asociaciones (Peru)
ASPIRE Foundation (Barbados)
Candid (USA/Global)
CPA - Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance (Jamaica)
CECP - Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (USA)
CEDES - Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad (Argentina)
CEFIS - Centro de Filantropia e Inversiones Sociales de la Escuela de Gobierno / Universidad Adolfo Ibañez (Chile)
Cemefi - Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (Mexico)
CIVICUS (Global)
Comunalia - Alianza de Fundaciones Comunitarias de México (Mexico)
Empatthy - Filantropia Estratégica e Inversión Social (Chile)
Expert on AML/CFT (Argentina)
Fundação Jose Luiz Egydio Setubal (Brazil)
GDFE - Grupo de Fundaciones y Empresas (Argentina)
GIFE - Grupo de Institutos, Fundações e Empresas (Brazil)
GIP - Gestão de Interesse Público (Brazil)
Global Impact (USA)
GlobalGiving (Global)
GPP - Global Philanthropy Project (Netherlands)
HIP-Hispanics in Philanthropy (USA/Mexico)
Ibero-American Network of Community Foundations (Latin America/Spain/Portugal)
ICNL - International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (USA)
IDIS - Instituto para o Desenvolvimento do Investimento Social (Brazil)
Innpactia (Colombia)
Instituto Sabin (Brazil)
Inter-American Foundation (USA/Brazil)
International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (USA)
ISTR - International Society for Third-Sector Research (USA/Global)
IVPC - International Venture Philanthropy Center (Global)
Movimento Bem Maior (Brazil)
Porticus (Brazil)
PRE - Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity (USA)
RACI - Argentine Network for International Cooperation (Argentina)
Rede de Filantropia Para a Justica Social (Brazil)
Synergos (USA/Global)
Unidosc (Mexico)
Welight (Brazil)

The meetings happen online on a quarterly basis. Check the webinars the Group has hosted on Enabling EnvironmentCultures of Giving and Advocacy.

In October 2019, the Group met in Sao Paulo, Brazil for the 2nd WINGS Regional Meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean: Finding Common Paths to Fostering an Enabling Environment in the Region.

Read the Collective Declaration from the Group stating the importance of strengthening regional coordination to promote an enabling environment and to be constructive interlocutors for authorities at the regional level to discuss policies that affect the sector, including financial and private policies. The declaration highlights the need for all interested actors to join this effort to promote a strong, diverse, sustainable, effective, accountable and independent philanthropic sector in the region. Available in English, Español and Português.


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