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Community Philanthropy
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Community foundations and the associations and organizations that support them have long been a focus of WINGS.

Infrastructure in Focus: Organizations Serving Community Philanthropy

Infrastructure in Focus: A Special Look at Organizations Serving Community Philanthropy follows real stories of where community philanthropy (CP) support has made a difference, using data from 61 WINGS members and network participants supporting community philanthropy, representing over 1,000 community foundations worldwide.

This research informs: CP infrastructure organizations as to their role, peers and impact within a wider context; consultants and academics; funders interested in community philanthropy and prospective supporters of infrastructure development; and finally the CP organizations themselves who can benefit from a strengthened infrastructure.


Community Foundation Atlas

The Community Foundation Atlas, the world’s first comprehensive atlas of the community foundation movement, identifies 1,800+ community philanthropy organizations in 70 countries. While the movement began 100 years ago the last three decades have seen explosive growth. Between 2000 and 2014 the number of known community foundations and community philanthropies nearly doubled.


Global Status Report on Community Foundations: 2012 Update

The 2012 update focuses on key developments in the field, including the role of support organizations, significant trends and new issues to address, and highlights several organizational initiatives.

The WINGS Community Foundations Global Status Report has tracked the growth and development of community worldwide since 2000. The report is a useful way to access important statistics and to learn about community philanthropy.

In 1999, the International Programs department of the Council on Foundations and WINGS-CF sponsored a project to track for the first time the global development of community foundations. This resulted in the publication, "The Growth of Community Foundations Around the World: An examination of the vitality of the community foundation movement" (2000). The 2003 status report update focused on international community foundation trends and developments since the previous report, and became the first in a series of three annual reports, followed by the 2004 status report and the 2005 status report. The 2008 status report includes brief country status reports, and in 2010 WINGS produced the first web version of the report. Visit the WINGS-CF Global Status Report 2010 website.


Global Summit on Community Philanthropy: Background Paper

The successful "global symposium" for community foundations, held in Berlin in 2004, led to plans for a followup event in the Global South. WINGS is supporting the initiative.

The purpose of this paper is to develop the agenda for the "Global Summit on Community Philanthropy” to be held either in 2015 or 2016. It was written by CENTRIS Executive Director Barry Knight, following two consultative meetings with community philanthropy practitioners and supporters, one in New Orleans in September 2012 and one in Winnipeg in June 2013, and is intended as the beginnings of a background paper.

The final version of the paper will determine the character of the summit meeting itself but, before the paper can play this role, it needs to go through an iterative process so that it has wide ownership by the field. For this reason, the paper will be used to consult widely about what is planned for the summit and periodically revised to take account of comments received. Invested readers are encouraged to submit comments or suggestions to or Download the working paper here.


WINGS Knowledge Center Resources

In "Building the Worldwide Community Foundation Movement" (Council on Foundations, 2000) Suzanne Fuert defines a community foundation as "an independent philanthropy organisation working in a specific geographic area which, over time, builds up a collection of endowed funds from many donors, provides services to those donors, and makes grants and undertakes community leadership and partnership activities to address a wide variety of needs in the community"—adding that the definition of community foundations is part of an ongoing conversation, and that "not all community foundations recognise themselves in this description". Click to view resources from our Knowledge Center.


CF Capacity Building and Benchmarking

WINGS convenes global meetings to bring together grantmaker associations and support organisations serving community foundations. Click to view the reports.

In 2012, WINGS produced a toolkit on Community Foundations Benchmarking and WINGS members participated in a webinar based on the toolkit.

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