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Corporate Philanthropy
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Programme Summary

WINGS has promoted and supported the field of corporate giving since 2003.Many of our members and network participants promote corporate philanthropy by providing services to corporate grantmakers. These services include workshops and seminars, annual conferences, research and publications, and other special programmes that highlight the contributions of corporations and corporate giving programmes to social investment.

The corporate philanthropy field is evolving fast in many parts of the world. Although the broad definition of corporate philanthropy is somewhat universal, organisations use various concepts interchangeably. Still, all definitions focus on how companies add social, environmental, and economic value to their core initiatives in order to make a positive impact for both society and business, from a standpoint of sustainability (DFID).

WINGS Corporate Initiative Resources

Engaging Corporations Toolkit (2012)

We recognise the growing influence of corporate philanthropy worldwide, but there is still much more that needs to be done to build bridges between the corporate sector and grantmakers. The more than 30 associations and support organisations in our network that are involved with corporations promote corporate grantmaking and corporate social responsibility (CSR). In 2012 WINGS developed a toolkit to provide suggestions on how to engage corporations based on the stories of our network members.

The Current Landscape of Corporate Social Responsibility (2008)

This "mapping exercise" on the definitions, current concepts and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) worldwide, aims to serve as reference material for grantmaker associations and philanthropic support organisations that promote and support corporate giving.

Engaging Business: Building Community Capacity (2006)

This report of our WINGSForum in Bangkok consists of key speeches, workshop presentations, discussions and networking events.

Support of Corporate Philanthropy (2004)

Support of corporate philanthropy: sharing good practice, report on PLE, Makati City, Philippines

Selected Resources from Our Network

Increasing Impact, Enhancing Value: A practitioner's guide to corporate philanthropy (2012)

The Council on Foundations' seminal report for the corporate philanthropy field offers groundbreaking research, providing clear and practical paths forward for the future of the field and the role of corporate foundations.

The Global Guide To What Counts: A Defining Moment for Corporate Giving (2012)
Developing the Global Guide: Expanding the Boundaries of Corporate Giving (2012)

How do companies know what counts as a charitable contribution when countries around the world classify NGOs differently? These concise guides to international corporate contributions measurement from the CECP outline the variety and complexity of giving guidelines in 17 nations with the highest concentrations of Global Fortune 500 companies.

Joining the Fight Against Global Poverty: Menu for corporate engagement (2007)

The Center for Global Development's report offers practical anecdotes about what has worked for corporations (and what hasn't), explaining some of the advantages companies have found in pursuing a developmental agenda. One of the report's guiding principles is that companies bring much more to the table than money. While financial resources are often necessary, a corporation's ideas and operating style in the marketplace can make a much greater contribution.

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