Ecosystem Building in India
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Ecosystem Building in India
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Ecosystem Building in India.


Starting in 2017, WINGS helped facilitate a reflection process and conversation with leading Indian philanthropy, nonprofit infrastructure organizations, social change organizations, and foundations to reflect on the state of the philanthropy & the non profit ecosystem in India and ways to strengthen it. It was agreed that an in-person meeting would be beneficial so that diverse stakeholders in the field could come together and discuss frankly a way forward.


On February 22nd, WINGS hosted a meeting in Mumbai India titled Landscape of Support to Philanthropy in India: Challenges and Opportunities. This meeting, co-hosted by GuideStar India in the EdelGive offices, brought together roughly 40 individuals representing diverse areas of India’s philanthropy and social impact ecosystem including, from traditional foundations such as Tata Trusts and the National Foundation of India, to networks such as Samhita and Vani, to other players supporting the field, like CSIP Ashoka, Dasra, GiveNow, and the Indian Development Review.


The meeting culminated in an open discussion about future possibilities, including possibly developing a national entity to better connect different social impact players. Other issues at the meeting that are very relateable to other countries and regional contexts include challenges in funding philanthropy infrastructure, scaling successful practices, long-term investment in the field, and transparency/trust issues between many different players including government, foundations, and NGOs.


This process is moving forward in two parts. Currently, organizations are bringing other stakeholders into the conversation and holding regional meetings to see if there is space to create a network or collective entity in India for philanthropy support organizations. Secondly, in the months to come, CSIP Ashoka & WINGS will launch an “ecosystem scan”, or mapping of the ecosystem of support to philanthropy, of India.


This meeting connects to a larger framework of WINGS’ mission to support the development of philanthropy where it is needed most, with a similar regional meeting that happened in Latin America & the Caribbean in September 2017. We hope that these processes can feed and inspire similar approaches and activities in other regions.


For the next years, WINGS will continue its commitment to strengthen the landscape for philanthropy in India by:

  • Connecting key actors in the field
  • Promoting the growth of any initiatives that come from this process
  • Strengthen emerging and existing infrastructure organizations, improving their organizational capacity and strategic leadership process


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