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Global Philanthropy Leadership Initiative (GPLI)
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Launched in 2010, the Global Philanthropy Leadership Initiative (GPLI) began as a two-year experiment in international collaboration aimed at advancing the role and effectiveness of philanthropy in a global context by developing actions and recommendations in three priority areas:

  • Promote an environment for enabling cross-border philanthropy.
  • Catalyse new forms of philanthropic collaboration.
  • Strengthen cooperation between foundations and multilateral organisations.

A task force comprised of some 30 philanthropic leaders from various regions, the GPLI started transitioning in 2012 from an ideas and incubation process between a small group of foundation leaders, to a set of open collaborative ventures that encourage participation of foundations and other relevant stakeholders from all parts of the world.

GPLI is a joint initiative of the Council on Foundations, the European Foundation Centre, and WINGS, and is co-chaired by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.


  • An index for cross-border giving, which ranks countries by the ease of their legal and fiscal requirements for giving and receiving cross-border funds (pilot forthcoming).
  • A paper on the ideal environment for cross-border giving, which also informs the Index.
  • A framework to encourage more strategic engagement between foundations and multilateral organizations.
  • Two global-scale collaborations, one on sustainable cities and urban futures, the other on strengthening the capacity of civil society towards peaceful transitions in the countries of the Arab region.
  • An update of the Principles of Accountability for International Philanthropy (first published in 2007 by the EFC and Council on Foundations), with a view to deepened understanding and practice of accountability when working internationally, and to introduce voices and perspectives from the global south.


Building An Online Platform for practitioners in international philanthropy: A business study produced by the Charities Aid Foundation (2012)

Given the potential for a more federated approach to serving international donors and funders of high calibre, it is possible that an opportunity does indeed exist for the online ‘platform’ that successfully bridges the gap between what we see today (dozens of fragmented, ‘specialist’ initiatives), and what we may hope to see in a true, comprehensive online ‘marketplace’ for a majority of the most active donor foundations.

Building On Strengths: The dynamics of partnership between multilaterals and public benefit foundations (2012)

This paper examines (from the perspective of foundations) the rationale, challenges and opportunities for engaging with multilateral organisations around global issues and the development agenda.

Building On Strengths reports key characteristics of multilateral organisations and foundations, highlights comparative advantages of each actor, and puts forward recommendations on how to better work together. It provides philanthropic organisations with a roadmap for building stronger relationships with multilaterals as they enter the initial stages of engagement.

Other Materials

Left to Right (click image for PDF): Information Sheet; GPLI Task Force Members; GPLM Rome Report; GPLM Rome Dossier; "GPLI Invites All Cooks To the Kitchen" (Alliance magazine).

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