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How to get involved
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What you need to know to get involved!


Why is WINGS launching affinity groups?

As part of WINGS’ objective to build on the assets and expertise from the network, and provide space for collaboration, WINGS is launching Affinity Groups. In our recent Network Survey, interest for this kind of space was clearly identified by a great majority of our members. Based on conversations from WINGSForum 2017 and the general commitment we see from our members, creating a space for members to engage will make the network more inclusive, interconnected, and committed to building and strengthening philanthropy. It’s a way to raise the voice of the sector by collectively articulating thoughts and actions on key issues for the field of philanthropy infrastructure. 

What is an affinity group? Why should you be part of one?

An affinity group is a group linked by a common interest or purpose. Join to connect and collaborate with your peers globally, develop yourself individually, and build capacity for your organization.

WINGS’ affinity groups offer our members an opportunity  to connect  based on shared interest with others in key issues and programs, job responsibilities, research goals, geographic region, or  interests by offering online space, and in some cases physical space, to share learnings and experiences, discuss issues, create partnerships, build community and enhance collective knowledge. Most affinity groups will offer opportunities for interaction in several different ways, including in-person meetings, conference calls, webinars, and e-mail listservs. Affinity Groups are allowed to make statements on a topic, but these statements only represent the group, and not WINGS.

Who can join?

Affinity groups are for WINGS members only. Affinity groups may work on projects that can be of interest to the broader audience: host a webinar open to the larger network, organize a meeting, etc. In this case, the event will be made public at WINGS' and the group's discretion.

What are the benefits of joining an affinity group?

There are many benefits to participating in a WINGS affinity group.


  • Visibility under and within the WINGS network
  • Special space at WINGSForum for an in-person meeting

  Knowledge and practice

  • To exchange and share knowledge, including best practices
  • To articulate existing work across different organizations and regions
  • Learn from experts in the field

  Leadership and Influence

  • Influence your peers, WINGS network agenda, and more broadly the philanthropy field globally
  • Build a collective voice for an issue-area
  • Opportunity to lead and produce collective material – such as a presentation, meeting, call to action, position papers- that can be disseminated at a major event and through other relevant communications channels
  • Build leadership skills and develop professionally
  • Provide input for future WINGS programming

   Connections and articulation

  • Network with global,  like-minded individuals and organizations
  • To meet and make connections with peers
  • Find inspiration
  • To build new collaborations 

Motivational questions for joining or forming:

  • Where am I looking to increase my organization’s capacity?
  •  What expertise, experience, or interests do I have that I can share with others?
  •  Would organizing targeted meetings help me and my colleagues develop a project before a conference?
  •  Do I want to get a group together to articulate a stance on an issue on behalf of a group?
  •  What do I want to learn? Where are there gaps in knowledge?
  •  Am I as connected to my region or topic of interest as I want to be? To other organizations?

If you have any questions about affinity groups, please contact Sarah Brown-Campello, Network Coordinator,

For the complete guidelines in PDF, click here.

R. Dr. Virgílio de Carvalho Pinto, 433 - Sala 7 São Paulo - SP – Brazil 

Tel. +55 11 3078-7299