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If you fit the requirements, you are already welcome to apply here.


WINGS is a global network of grantmaker associations and support organizations serving philanthropy. With over 100 members from almost 40+ countries, WINGS strengthens, advocates for, and provides leadership on the development of philanthropy and social investment.

Join WINGS and become a member of our active worldwide global philanthropy community. Philanthropy in all its forms is growing around the world. Those who support its development need to collaborate, learn from each other, maximize their efficiency, and increase their influence by connecting to the global philanthropy community. WINGS facilitates these connections.

As a member of WINGS, you will have the opportunity to engage with the philanthropic sector on a global scale, and simultaneously, support the field of philanthropy infrastructure. 


 Benefits include:

  • Access to tools for sustainability and greater accountability and transparency
  • Highlight subsidized rate to WINGSForum & priority registration 
  • Use of WINGS logo which identifies you as a members of the only global network serving the broad community of support organizations in philanthropy
  •  Opportunities for leadership development, professional growth and capacity building
  •  Participation in WINGS research and inclusion in our report
  • Inclusion on our WINGS Infrastructure Map
  • Outreach opportunities through our unique network for your publications, communications, research, and more
  • Scholarship eligibility to select WINGS meetings and events
  •  Ability to run for WINGS Board
  • Opportunities to work on shared interests with peer organizations
  • Participation in peer learning events, webinars, and regional meetings
  • Possibility to influence the field of philanthropy
  • Chance to interact and develop relationships with over 100 members around the globe
  • Information analysis and latest innovations of the field of infrastructure field catered for you



Become a part of a global community and opportunity to contribute to building solidarity within the philanthropy infrastructure field!



WINGS Membership is open to any organization that 1) whose main mission and purpose is to build and/or support the development of philanthropy and contributes to its ecosystem, and 2) can
provide evidence of its contributions for the public development of philanthropy.There are two types of membership Regular Membership and Supporting Membership.




  • Associations of grantmakers or foundations
  • Support organizations serving philanthropy
  • Networks promoting and strengthening philanthropy
  • Academic institutions and centers where philanthropy is a critical part of their teaching and research
  • Self-identifying organizations that contribute to the philanthropy infrastructure field

The WINGS Network is open to associations, organizations and groups that offer services (technical assistance, resource development, etc.) to grantmakers and are concerned with the promotion of philanthropy. Their support activities include networking opportunities, information gathering/tracking, advising, technical and leadership services.


Supporting Member

For organizations that do not fit the Membership criteria, but support the development of
philanthropy and its ecosystem, WINGS has opened Supporting Membership to ensure
participation and formal connection to the WINGS Network. Organizations in this category include
those who want to know how to concretely support philanthropy development and those already
supporting the ecosystem. Supporting membership is appropriate for funders, development actors,
and for-profit organizations, among others.

  • Foundations & funders
  • Banks
  • International development agencies
  • Individuals investing in the field
  • Firms/wealth advisories
  • Multi-lateral organizations
  • Public institutions

More information about Supporting Membership.

For questions about membership, you can email Dinkim. If you fit the requirements, you are already welcome to apply here.

For more information about membership contributions, look at our Dues Schedule.


Read WINGS' full Membership Policy




R. Dr. Virgílio de Carvalho Pinto, 433 - Sala 7 São Paulo - SP – Brazil 

Tel. +55 11 3078-7299