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Strategic Plan 2015-2018
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See our theory of change and exciting plans for the next four years in three strategic areas:

  • Leadership & Advocacy
  • Network Building & Engagement
  • Knowledge & Capacity Development

The landscape of global philanthropy is insufficiently documented, the institutional and legal environment for philanthropy remains patchy, and in some countries the space for civil society and philanthropy is under attack. We need a credible voice for global philanthropy, as well as a platform for the voices of the philanthropic community on global issues. As the only resource-rich, inclusive global network, WINGS is ideally positioned to be the voice for global philanthropy as the reach, expertise and influence of WINGS member organizations, and their engagement in the network represent a dynamic force and collective knowledge for philanthropy worldwide.

To increase its impact, WINGS recognizes it must broaden and grow its network, leverage its thought leadership and knowledge sharing offerings, and develop new metrics, while at the same time continuing to build a sustainable organization. The three main strategies identified in this plan will allow us to increase this impact as follows:

These strategies will also lead us to build a highly connected, uniquely diverse and inclusive network of philanthropy infrastructure organizations. By the end of 2018, through our 160 members, which mobilize over US $160M to the field, we will be able to reach over 25K foundations and social investment entities worldwide.

To ensure the sustainability of WINGS, we will continue to diversify funding sources, implement leading operational and governance practices, in addition to establishing a contingency fund, and accompanying policies, for the organization. This strategic plan presents a roadmap for achieving this vision by focusing on three strategic objectives, each linked to a strategic area:


Also see how the strategic plan was influenced by our successful online survey with members, network participants, partners, our board of directors and staff:

Mission and Vision — The WINGS mission was rated as realistic in light of its resources, and our strategies and activities were rated as consistent with that mission. Respondents envisioned a future in which WINGS is a global and influential network that is connected and inclusive, and provides leadership in the field.

Experience of the Network — Networking is at the core of our activities, by mapping the sector, connecting, engaging, and convening partners from all over the globe. WINGS was described as a truly global network by 86 per cent of respondents, who rated their own work and participation as satisfying and worthwhile.

WINGS Performance — WINGS was described as useful in connecting members, participants and partners. Our flagship event, WINGSForum, was highlighted as a major success. The global event was our highest rated activity, along with WINGS publications.

Trends in Philanthropy — Results show that our role in generating and sharing knowledge, often through data, helps inform and guide associations and foundations. Congruously, data collection was identified as a key trend in the sector. The need to asses and report the impact of (mainly infrastructural) organizations was also identified.

Challenges and Opportunities — The engagement of members while expanding the network was an identified challenge. Identified areas of opportunity were more extensive and included, but were not limited to, membership structure, growth of certain forms of philanthropy like corporate and institutionalized giving, the unique global nature of WINGS, and knowledge sharing.


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